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How fitness does transform our life?

How fitness does transform our life?
This is very necessary process under which fitness transform our life after being progressive. It's a process that relies more on the daily activities of others than on the help of others. 

If the coach has taken responsibility for your body transformation then more responsibility is required by yourself, because the coach is just your helps to transform the body which helps you to tell during the transformation how the catering and workouts should be?
But before this, the question arises, that really taking care of these things and eating and properly adopting workouts can really transform the body or how fitness transform our life? 
before knowing the answer to this question It is important to tell one more thing, both the trainer and the coach are different. There is no equality. 
Trainers are those who help you only inside the gym. They don't mean that how is your life of 20 - 22 hours outside the gym.
When it comes to coaches, they are involved in all the personal matters related to your fitness and design a chart of time for bodybuilding from 24 hours per day to fitness related diet plans to workouts to rest.
After which, after strict adherence to all those things within a set period, your body will be able to transform. After which the body looks more attracted.
How fitness does transform our life?

How fitness can transform our/my life?

Just as you feel the need of a job or business to make a living, it is very important to have the right food in fitness to stay healthy. And its proper use and right proportion makes our body healthy, cheerful. During which our body starts to transform, depending on your fitness goal.
Fitness transforms our life only when your body demands it. All the essential ingredients, protein, fat, the right proportion of all those elements and the correct assessment of the condition of your body, only after fitness can transform our life.

When a person is suffers with excess leanness or unwanted obesity It means that his life is in the opposite direction from the culture of fitness. This is why they suffers from thinness or obesity. These troubles come to those who are distracted by physical activities.

In this way fitness transform Life

By suddenly adopting the culture of fitness, fitness can't transform our life. This process takes several days, not a few days, weeks, months or years. Then fitness transform our life. But only when one understands fitness properly and has a good knowledge of diet plan, workout. 
Fitness culture When a person adopts in his life and remains highly active, at least 4 to 5 days a week, fitness is able to transform our body. Which can be said in other words that, "fitness transforms our life".
Because when a person is facing obesity or other problems then after being active in fitness, all his troubles are removed. Eating properly, the body remains healthy even during workouts. Which is also called body transformation in another name. About which you must have heard about your favorite actor at some point. This is how fitness transform our life.

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How fitness improves your mental health and become strong?

How mental health improves by fitness?

how fitness improves mental health?

You already know how good exercise is for your physical health. But you may be surprised at how good exercise is for your mental health. Studies show that for the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression, exercise can be just as effective as therapy and medication.
There are many ways that positively impact your mental health:

Like endorphins and serotonin, promotes the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain.
It helps you sleep better so that you fully relax at night and feel more energetic during the day.
As your fitness improves you realize your achievement and you start achieving your goals.
Exercise is usually a shared activity with others so that you get the added benefit of social connections.
To regain these benefits, it is generally recommended that you do 'vigorous' exercise at least five times a week. Emphatic means that you are trying hard enough that it is difficult to talk while you are exercising.

If these guidelines seem unacceptable, don't be discouraged. It is important to remember that while more exercise is better than less - any exercise is better than no exercise.

Of course, the hardest part is getting started. Especially if you are experiencing a mental health condition like depression, where the idea of ​​just getting out of bed can seem quite daunting. Exercise can play a major role in your treatment or management plan.

If you are waiting for inspiration to come to your door before you start exercising, you can wait a long time. The secret truth of motivation is that it actually comes after you take action - not before. By starting small and experiencing some benefits, you get the chance to reverse the motivation and love to ride at the speed that you are building.
how fitness improves mental health?

how fitness improves mental health?

If you are feeling trapped, here are six tips to start an exercise routine from scratch.

  • Find your reason - If you are really attached to something in life that you really value, you will stick to a new behavior. Ask yourself, "Why will exercise improve my life in a meaningful way?" Maybe it will help you overcome depression and get your life back on track, to get more energy for your children or to improve your general health for a longer life.
  • Start small - and we mean really small. Just add five percent to what you are currently doing. If you are stuck on the couch, walking down your street every day is a great start.
  • Make it part of your routine - the more decisions you have to make about exercising, the more you decide to decide. Complete your exercise on time in your weekly schedule so that you are not dependent on willpower.
  • Do something you enjoy - exercise should not be serious. If you like going to the gym or running, you are unlikely to keep it up. Enjoy an activity that you like (or at least don't dislike) and you are more likely to keep doing it.
  • Set goals and monitor progress - It is very beneficial to track your progress towards a specific goal. This makes every exercise session feel purposeful.
  • Make a commitment to others- If you have a friend or team who is counting on you to be there, you are less likely to quit.
If you do not exercise for some time, most importantly, have compassion on yourself. For many people, this can trigger self-critical thoughts that give up the exercise routine altogether.

Treat each day as a new beginning, and remind yourself that it is sometimes human to drop the ball.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Five updated things you didn't about North Pole

Recent Five North Pole's updates

North Pole

1. There are four North Pole. The terrestrial north pole is a fixed geographic point that is opposite the terrestrial south pole on the axis of rotation of our planet; It is the topmost earth of the spinning top.

2. The North Dip Pole is the place where the geomagnetic field is perpendicular to the Earth's surface, "dipping" to complete the large, rotating ellipse of our planet.

3. North dip pole is not constant. Over the last century, it has moved northward from a point in Canada at about 71 degrees latitude in its current position, about 85 degrees north in the Arctic Ocean.

4. There is also a southern dip pole, but the northern dip pole should not be opposed, or should be opposed. Right now they are more than 20 degrees latitude.

5. When your compass points north, it points to the north dip pole, also known as the magnetic north pole.

Unlike Antarctica, there is no land at the North Pole. Instead it is all ice floating over the Arctic Ocean. Over the past four decades, scientists have seen a decline in both the amount and thickness of Arctic sea ice during the summer and winter months.
Every year, data from these satellites helps ice analysts estimate the total sea ice extent as well as the difference between first year and multi-year ice. Multi-year ice is thick and survives in at least one melt season, while first-year ice is very thin. Arctic sea ice typically reaches its lowest level in mid-September each year. In 2018, the National Snow and Ice Data Center noted that this year's remaining multi-year snow was the sixth lowest on record.

North Pole is experiencing is fully darkness

From the beginning of October to the beginning of March, the North Pole experiences total darkness. So how do polar orbiting satellites still capture the imagination of the Arctic during that period?
This band is particularly useful for forecasting in Alaska because it allows them to see low-level clouds, sea ice, and ice during long nights of Arctic winters.
North Pole
Scientists captured this view of sea ice in the Kotzebue Sound on April 12, 2018, using the VIIRS Day/Night Band. (NWS Fairbanks)

Polar orbiting satellites observe different parts of the Arctic 14 times per day

Rotate the Earth 14 times each day from pole to pole as the planet rotates on its axis. The two satellites are separated by 50 minutes, which allows researchers to see ice moving in the Arctic using looped imagery.
North Pole
These two views of NOAA-20 and Suomi NPP show young snow moving horizontally in the Chukki Sea, northwest of Alaska. This imagery was taken using the satellite's VIIRS instrument on December 18, 2018, which is particularly useful as the region is currently experiencing polar nights. (Zol Torres / CIRA)

There’s no land at the North Pole

North Pole
Unlike Antarctica, there is no land at the North Pole. Instead it is all ice floating over the Arctic Ocean. Over the past four decades, scientists have seen a decline in both the amount and thickness of Arctic sea ice during the summer and winter months.

Knowing the wind speed over the North Pole is important for  weather forecasts

North Pole

There’s a difference between the North Pole and the Geomagnetic North Pole 

North Pole

This graphic shows the location of the North Magnetic Pole, Geographic North Pole and Geomagnetic North Pole in 2017. (Caveat)

Do you know that traveling to the North Pole possibly using a compass takes you north? Because of the difference between the geographic North Pole and the geomagnetic North Pole, which is the compass and that handy GPS app on your phone usage. Geomagnetic polls change over time, so what was geomagnetic in the North 10 years ago as it is not in 2018. In other words, trekking from Greenland to the North Pole is not the best idea if you are relying solely on a direction detector.

So, if you were planning to track Santa on this Christmas, perhaps leave it to the experts of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). They have been tracking Santa's journey from the North Pole for over 60 years!

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ISRO became proud for India, which has always been. Which made his mission successful by 95%, and ISRO Chairman K Kivan said again Vikram Lander will do soft landing.

"The most important mission for us is 'Gaganyaan', which is a manned mission in space. ISRO is working very hard on it," he said.
ISRO chairman K Sivan said on Thursday that a plan is being worked out for a future moon mission after Chandrayaan-2's hard landing of Vikram Lander.
He said that Chandrayaan-2's orbiter is doing "very well" and all payload operations have begun.
Asked if the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has a similar plan after the hard landing of Chandrayaan-2 lander, Sivan said, "We are planning a detailed future."
He told reporters at the city's airport, "A national-level committee has been formed to find out what went wrong with (Vikram) Lander. Once the committee submits its report, what we want to do in the future , Will work on it. "

In addition, the necessary approvals and all procedures have to be finished before making the announcement, he said.
Asked for an update on Chandrayaan-2, he said, "The orbiter is doing very well and all payloads have started operating. We have not received any signal from the lander."
He said that the country's space agency has several missions in the months and years to come.
"The most important mission for us is 'Gaganyaan', which is a manned mission in space. ISRO is working very hard on it," he said.
Beginning in 2022, Gagnayan aims to send three astronauts into space and bring them back safely.

"As per the Prime Minister's announcement, we have to achieve this by 2022," Sivan said.
Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram had lost contact with the ISRO base while landing on the lunar surface on 7 September. Later, Sivan stated that it had a hard landing.
Chandrayaan-2 consisted of an orbiter, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan).

Sivan was here to participate in a national conference on the Transform System for Transforming India ’.

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8 Weeks- Cut Weight Lose effectively Exercise Plan & grow muscle to get results

Information about Weight Lose Exercise Plan & keep muscles in good standard

To know about Weight lose exercise plan then following it correctly one get good results.
If you have always believe it's impossible to fat loss in 8 weeks then I am sure you are already feeling uneasy about this. Well, it's possible to fat lose in 8 weeks such a healthy
Weight Lose Exercise Plan

The only reason for this may be that it looks like a bluff to you or is an empty promise because most nutritionists and weight loss experts have lied to us that the best way to lose weight is 8 weeks program. 

So when you hear someone talking about how they lost pounds in 8 weeks, you just feel awkward and are surprised that sometimes you want to challenge the validity of individuals' claims.

Easy Weight Lose Exercise secret in 8 weeks duration

There are many plans for Weight lose exercises, if you have knowledge, but many companies and coaches to do weight lose do not tell you the right way to lose weight in recommended to tell their marketing and supplements. Due to which their marketing keep in good standard, but you do not get the results as per the time and investment.
Yes, there is a secret and very few people know it, what most companies in the weight loss industry hide from you, so you keep buying their products because if you must lose weight in one go, there will be a big Dent in the industry.

So they sell you like crazy to "eat less and exercise" and then drop 1-2 pounds every week. Although this way of losing weight is not wrong, but how long will you keep doing it, it definitely takes me forever.
So if you have a chance to lose 1 pound daily, it would not be cute, the only reason people believe that certain diets or weight loss products do not work is because they do not see immediate results.
I am like that too, I like to set things up and start seeing results, this is what provides the motivation to do more.

Your Diet goes a long way to lose 3/4 -1 pound daily!

Weight Lose Exercise Plan

Here is Doctor Daniel Dansinger, the doctor who works with the producers of the NBC hit show. The biggest loser said that "people can lose 20 pounds in a week if they get it right"

You see that there is a right way to lose so much weight in such a short time, there is also a wrong way. This two words refers to the difference between weight lose and fat lose.

If you want to lose weight and do not take into account the source of the weight which includes body fat, bones, organs and muscles then the fastest way is dietary fasting (eating nothing) but it comes at a cost.

When you fast for a full day, your body gets most of its energy from body fat, which is a good thing, like a keto diet, although a little different because you eat high fat and moderate protein which is quite a lot Is durable.

But where things go wrong if you keep fast for a long time, especially without eating anything, then the body goes crazy and is fed on your hair and skin, then goes on limbs and the possibility of death it occurs.

You will lose precious body mass and little or nothing in body fat. Lean body mass is anything that is not body fat that includes skeletal muscles, bones, and organs.

What happens next?

Yeah, what happens if I lose lean body mass that affects me?

When you lose lean body mass it results in a slow metabolism. When you have a slow metabolism it becomes harder to lose weight and it is even easier to regain the weight you have lost.
If you notice some people after weight loss, their body becomes so smooth and soft. This is because they have only lost lean body mass and still have body fat.

5 Best way to Weight Lose Exercise Plans

1. Fill in on protein!

Simple as it may sound, it is the hardest thing to do, while it is the best thing to lose weight. Without protein in your diet you will not be able to survive. Protein is very essential unlike carbohydrates which you can do completely without.
Protein is very important for weight loss but so many people still get their daily calories from a high carbohydrate diet.
We have complete and incomplete protein, complete protein found in animals including poultry, meat, fish, eggs, whey protein powder and cheese. Incomplete proteins including legumes, nuts, grains and seeds.
What Protein Does: It keeps you feeling satiated and reduces your chances of overeating and reducing boredom, stabilizing blood sugar, improving heart health, while those who do their work in a week Those who want to lose weight can also exercise to promote light exercise. Just like yoga is very pleasing.
You cannot eat that much carbohydrate when your protein consumption is high.

2. Cut the carbs, eliminate the carbs!

Since you are looking to lose 7-10 pounds in a week, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to cut carbohydrates completely, because the human system can run perfectly without carbohydrates. is.
However, carbs are the most common source of energy in humans and this is why so many fat people are struggling so much to lose weight.
The moment carbs are cut from your diet, your body starts eating excess fat in your body, using fat for energy instead of carbs which is a good thing.

If you are wondering what foods provide you with bad carbs, here are some to avoid:

So before your event, cut all carbs out of your diet completely in the week, but strategically replenish protein instead, allowing your body to get its energy from your body fat.

Protein does not make you fat because it does not accumulate as body fat, instead it is used to heal bad tissues and build muscle, then it is eliminated from the body.
The more carbohydrates you eat, the more you have to lose weight because if you keep eating carbs while trying to lose 7-10 pounds of weight in a week, more fat gets stored in your fat cells which in turn Makes you tired.

3. Drink lots of water and maintain a normal salt limit to lose 7-10 pounds of weight a week.

Weight Lose Exercise Plan

Water is very necessary, I cannot do without water. If you want to lose 7-10 pounds a week, then you have to start drinking a lot of water because when you drink a lot of water, the water can work as a body cleanser.
Also water helps your kidneys to work efficiently so that the liver can help burn fat continuously. But if you are not drinking enough water, then the liver will have to help the kidney, then you will reduce your work of burning fat.

To increase fat burning process, you should drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily. Also drink water before and after every meal. You may have to force yourself to drink first.
Salt helps with water retention which is a very common tip on a ketogenic diet to avoid keto flu. To reduce flatulence, you should avoid salt which is caused by both salt and carbohydrates. Allow the salt to be within 1500mg - 2300mg.

4.Exercising Carefully

When you are on a low carb diet, you do not have that much energy to engage in excessive workouts or exercises that can further impair your glycogen stores often leading to unconsciousness and extreme fatigue.
If you ever feel the need to exercise, the best exercise I can recommend is early morning walking, and yoga.
Another tip is to exercise before your meal which really helps.
I love yoga and it is a great way to improve your metabolism, lose weight, pump your heart without reducing glycogen stores.

5. Supplement with whey protein and apple cider vinegar

Whey protein powder is a complete protein. As I mentioned earlier, simply making a simple protein shake is similar to eating a healthy protein meal that is completely what you need on this diet.
While apple cider vinegar will help you reduce carb craving to a great extent to help maintain skin health, such as add no more than 2 teaspoons to 8 ounces of water and drink 2 times daily.

This is a sample from the diet plan, there is no guess work involved. All you have to do is follow the plan 

Weight Lose Exercise Plan
There are many plans for Weight Lose exercises, if you have knowledge, but many companies and coaches to do weight loss do not tell you the right way to lose weight in order to tell their marketing and supplements. Due to which their marketing is good, but you do not get the results as per the time and investment.
All the things mentioned above and Weight Lose Exercise Plan has a right and healthy natural way to follow if it is properly adopted in your life. Then in a short time, your fat loss is leave.
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Modi's plan for anti-Modi protest, Modi! Event in Houston

PM Modi is going to visit Houston in Texas, USA. According to the incident and reports, large scale protests were organized ahead of Narendra Modi's program at NRG Stadium.

US President Trump will also join PM Modi's 'Howdy, Modi!' mega diaspora event in the US | Photo from India House Houston website


  • An anti-Modi protest has been organised in Houston at NRG Stadium
  • PM Modi will visit Houston for mega diaspora event on September 22
  • More than 50,000 Indian-Americans from across the US have registered for the event
A mass protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Howdy, Modi! event has been planned ahead of the event in Texas's Houston, United States.
Katie Hopkins, known for her right wing leanings, took to Twitter and said that a mass protest is being organised against Howdy, Modi! event on September 22.
"Surprise-surprise, the bus pick-ups for those protesting against [Narendra] Modi and [Donald] Trump are the mosques of Houston," Katie Hopkins wrote on Twitter.
Using hashtag 'Stop the Bus' she wrote, "See how this works yet? Mosques are not simple places of worship. They are places of co-ordination and control."
In the tweet, Katie Hopkins uploaded a photo with bus pickup location for the protest.

On Facebook, an event was posted - Houston's Modi Protest. The page shows that the event was posted by International Humanitarian Foundation, Inc.
Screenshot event on facebook


More than 50,000 Indian-Americans from across the US have registered for the September 22 'Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures' event to be held at the sprawling NRG Stadium in Houston.

US President Donald Trump will also join Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Howdy, Modi!' mega diaspora event in the United States.

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A workout follow that will be gives you Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime fitness means healthy whole life

Whenever workout is mentioned, people think about many exercises and even about the desi workout prevalent in India.Which has an important role in itself.The specialty of desi workout is that if you leave your workout unfortunate in the future after following an adequate workout and diet plan, then your body, muscles remain the same as a lifetime fitness. if you take care your diet plan. Even after quitting a home workout, if you pay 
attention and time to catering, your muscles will continue to grow.

A typical training day

  • 3 AM: Wake up and perform press-ups (Danda) and squats (Bethak), over 4000. Run for 5 miles, followed by swimming and picking up stones and sandbags.
  • 8 AM: Teachers wrestle the trainees in the pits of the earth continuously for 3 hours. This is 25 consecutive matches. Matches begin with senior wrestlers. The youngest ones last.
  • 10 AM: Wrestlers are given a "special" oil massage before resting.
  • 4 PM: After another massage, the trainees wrestle each other for 2 hours.
  • 8 PM: The wrestler falls asleep.

Weight training devices

  1. The placenta is a hollow stone cylinder with a handle inside.
  2. The gar nal (neck weight) is a circular stone ring worn around the neck to connect the resistance tonda and bethak.
  3. Gada (mace) is a club associated with Hanuman. An exercise mace is a heavy round stone attached to the end of a meter-long bamboo stick. Trophies take the form of mace made of silver and gold.
  4. Indian Club, an exercise club started by the Mughals.
Exercise regimens may also include Dhakuli which include twisting, rope climbing, log pulling and running. Massage is considered an integral part of a wrestler's exercise regimen.

Workout Routine

Morning Route 4 AM-10AM

Upon waking before dawn, the wrestler usually traveled a few miles to build up his stamina. After brushing their teeth, they took a bath before spending some time in contemplation or prayer. To enter the sacred place of the arena, he will donate the wrestler's habit, langoti ((langot)) and anoint his body with oil.

Preparation of the pit of the actual arena will follow. It was dug with a heavy hoe and uprooted to remove any rock. The stability achieved was excellent for protecting the body; At the same time it was not as loose as to inhibit the movement of the wrestler. The arena will be sprayed with buttermilk, oil and red ocher before training begins.

This was followed by came thrust '(literally) strength'), a form of wrestling that gave the elements of exercise, training, and exercise developed strength as well as strength. Wrestlers will be associated with the Guru ', or ustad' or hal Khalifa ', to contend under close supervision and instruction. The objective was for each wrestler to field his opponent through the correct application of special moves. Each move was countered by a defensive move and the sparing continued indefinitely. Unlike a competitive bout, the two wrestlers worked together to implement moves accurately and executed easily with minimal effort.

After two or three hours of thrusting, the wrestler rubs his body with the earth to dry and is part of its restructuring and healing properties. As the earth dried up, it would be fragmented by other wrestlers. He would then bathe and dine before taking some well-earned rest.

Evening Routine

Diet, reimbursement (10 am to 2 pm) and late afternoon training (2 to 6 pm)
From the time the morning practice session ended until the evening practice session began, a wrestler had to rest, eat and sleep. Although it was a passive part of the wrestler's rule, it was important for his recurrence and physical development.

Milk, clarified butter (e Ghee ') and ground almonds contain the sacred trinity of the wrestler's diet. Some advocated a purely vegetarian diet, while others consumed chickens, mutton and a special boiled meat soup (yakhani '). On a typical day, it was not uncommon for a wrestler to consume half a pound of both ghee and almonds for breakfast, a meat soup made of a chicken, and two loaves for lunch. The same was eaten again for dinner. A cold hearty drink (‘Thandai’) made of mixed substances, usually milk, nuts and fruits, was followed by a hearty meal.

After eating, the wrestler took a short nap and rested for a few hours during the afternoon before beginning the next session of training.
After eating, resting, defecating and bathing, the wrestlers returned to the arena in the afternoon, which included various individual exercises to build strength, stamina and flexibility of joints. They were religiously performed.

At the core of this diet were (dands '(jack-knifing press-ups) and (biataks' (squats). Although they were two separate exercises, Dund and Batax combined to form a new game of wrestling. Since they formed a complete The body was provided with a workout, so they were usually referred to as a pair, ie dand-batax. A good wrestler in the prime of life would do a minimum of 1,000 danders a day, but more often 1,500 p Radarshan would do. As a general rule, the best wrestlers acted twice as batons, thus averaging 2,000 and 3,000 squats a day. This regime made the body muscles so strong that the wrestler The divine appeared.


In their day, champion pahelwans were devastating because they trained hard, ate big and possessed superior technique, power and fighting hearts.

Many of the best professional pahelwans were born into wrestling families; a son followed in the footsteps of his father and started to wrestle as soon as he was able to walk. As Pahelwani was the child’s one and only pursuit, and as he learnt young and kept his body supple under good teachers, who were to be found in great numbers, the akhara system produced extraordinarily efficient and scientific wrestlers.

The pahelwan, though very much a part of society, considered himself a man apart. When he entered the akhara, he left behind him the mundane for a world of tranquillity and authority. He would adhere strictly to the moral principles of continence, honesty, internal and external cleanliness, simplicity, and contemplation of the Divine, an attribute that he shared with the ascetic fakir or sadhu of the Muslim and Hindu worlds respectively.

The diligent pahelwan strove towards the ideal of perfect health. To achieve this he had to release himself from the world. In this perfect state of self-realization (‘jivanmukti’), ignorance was banished as spiritual consciousness and wisdom developed. At this level, a pahelwan was unaffected by emotions of any sort; he had no concern with the sensory world of pain and pleasure, suffering and greed.