1 click and know during chat how to get good physique


1 click and know during chat how to get good physique-
Friends, I'm going to tell you, by following the kind of nutrition you can good health at home. As you know all, people cannot take care of their health in the day-to-day running race due to which they do not work, because when they become infected with diseases and they do not know that their body is become being unshaped. that's why I want to share an experience with you that how can you make your health by following a good nutrition without going to the gym.
Friends, the function of each body function as a function, only what weight carbohydrate, protein and fat if the three of them come to balance the macro then you can be confident that you will be able to get a good health. That too the without disease so first of all know how many calories you should needed every day.

Now we have to know that how much we need calories in day-

2500 calories we should need keep to balancing our body weight according to age. Now let me tell you that, how much protein and carbohydrate for a good physique. We can count the amount of protein and carbs easily from you body weight to maintain the body or build to build the muscle.

How much you should daily intake of protein and carbohydrate-
We need 1gram /lb Protein..
and 2 gram / lb Carbs.

For example-
If your weight is 145 lb then..
(145) weight*2 carbs= 290 gram carbohydrate will be needed.
Similarly (145) weight* 1 gram= 145 gram in this way you can know that what your carbs intake should be according to your weight.

Note: (This figure is given on the basis of the person who is highly active in daily activity.
Otherwise, this quantity of carbs as a energy is not burn and store in fat.)

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