A certain topic about Sun, From the beginning to the end, how will the life after the end of the Sun? Random facts

A certain topic about the Sun, From the beginning to the end, how will the life after the Sun? Random facts-

Hello, Friends how are you all people once again welcome to our blog. Today I have to you for one topic and that’s you will be astonishing once again to know about the Sun. let’s start the our topic-
Friends, the life giving sun of all things on our planet is so due to which all activities happen. If sun does not available then, our Earth becomes absorbed in the darkness and in the beginning of the life, life becomes to end. All the organisms on this Earth and humans need to sun to get energy. Which is the reason, we get energy and sun is considered to be the biggest source of the energy. On being not of sun, the earth will be completely covered with thick sheets of ice. The existence of life without the energy of sun is impossible but this trend been is moving to from 4.5 billion years, will it last forever? Will the sun and Solar System be stay in the same way or will it end? Let’s know the answers to all these questions-

First of all we know that, how is our sun emitted? The formation of the sun took place approximately 4.5 billion years ago. The lights of thousands of large icons spread through the dark clouds of ions Mclean Gas has created our entire Solar System. The name of exposing this theory is Nueblar Theory. According to this theory one or more Supernovas must been born middle of the gas in the clouds. Due to the reason that the cloud was due to its Raw Meterial would have been separate. 
Gradually, the change in speed of has started to rotate due to the pressure and started to get hot with speed. Due to the speed and the rotation, a large part occurred in the centre and the rest of continued to rotated on the same circle. In this case, its been million years to get it done. Over time, temperature dropped. Gradually, and the middle part partition of hydrogen and helium came into existence as our sun, our planets and many lot and large planet is objects come from existence, from Raw material who roamed around that. So in this way our planets, Solar System and our sun has been born. Sun is the largest glove. Actually, it is different from the earth and the planet. In fact it’s a star. A star in our galaxy more than 100 billions stars in our galaxy. Sun is the star of the G2 category, which one of the 10% stars of the galaxy, like our earth and other planets revolve around the sun. in exactly the same way the suns revolving our solar system with our earth and other planets all planets located in our auspices take about 2500 million years to revolve around the galaxy. Our sun has the highest mass in the solar system. Whose diameter is 1392000 km. the sun does not look so big in reality its 1000000 Times larger than the earth because it is about 15 million km (149600000)km from earth. It takes only 8 minutes and 16 seconds for the sun’s light to come from such a long level. Sun is sphere made of primarily Helium and Hydrogen. Its surface is formed from Helium, Oxygen, Iron, Sulphur, Silicon, Magnesium, Carbon and Chromium elements. Centre Pak inside the sun is called the Core. As you on see in the picture where the temperature is at its peak. The temperature of its inner core is 15600000 degree Celsius and the surface of the sun which we see always appear bright and light, its temperature is 6000 degree Celsius.
End of Sun-
Almost 4.5 million born before, our sun transfer 6,600,500 million ton Hydrogen every second to 650030. If you find the gap friends, then 4000000 tons of Helium have not been transforming and its been energy spreads all over in space. Such sun is losing its substance all the time. But after all this will happening? So the answer to this questions is that, in this way, it will lost 5 billion years after that the Hydrogen located in the sun’s Pak will end. Due to which the temperature of the sun will million its limit and it will start to efflorescence, due to which it will grow more than 100 times more. If a any star bloom like a fluff in this way, then its called Rare Child. Our sun will also one day such like that. But by that time the creatures and humans been the world shall probably end out. And after hundreds of million of years, only Helium will be saved in the sun instead of Hydrogen. Which will begin to convert into Carbon and in the way, after the end of human, Sun will also end. But all this will take 5 billion years now. In the galaxy many stars are born that have begun and end, some of them are Red Giant and some of them have been missed. Many more are getting birth in wires in our galaxy and in the same way, the action of destruction, emission and emancipation will continue to move in definitely.

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