Technical dictionary a pollution which spread all around world widely different from Air,Water and Noise pollution

Hello friends today in this post i discuss about a specific pollution.
From our earlier class we learn about many types of pollution i.e Water pollution,soil pollution,noise pollution,air pollution all of these pollutions are affected all around us.

As the technology grow then lots of new gadgets,new ways are change our life.
The fundamental concept of the growing technology is to make life more comfortable and pleasent.

With the development of the new ways of communication the telecom sectors are also keep development in their ways to provide services,
All of telecom sector industries are compitate each other to became best.
Nowaday we take our smartphone and connect entire world in just few minutes.
The telecom industries spread there vast network in very large quantity, these network contain RF waves which have very high frequency which is enough to make our brain like an egg.

So we can say that the existence of these RF waves around us is not less than any of pollution.

Before some time an experiment was done (sorry i don't mention that where and who done this)
In this experiment an egg is placed near the cellphone and make a call from this , this call is keep in process upto 2 hours,a shocking event occus the egg is starts boil(not much but enough)
By this experiment perhaps you understand that what happen with our brain when we talk on the cellphone for very long time.


:-Although technology can change our life,but every coin have two aspect

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