A tip to get naturally glow instantly in just 2 Rs

Most of us are suffered from the skin problem such as most oily skin or losing glow due to outer causes like dust particles.
In this post i discuss about a way to fix above type of skin problems,
Whenever we faced such type of problem then we use harmful chemically originated beauty products which contain lots of side effect,
LEMON is a natural thing which is a very good way to fix the above both type of problems,
Its contain citric acid which is not much reactive but enough to steal dryness from our skin as well as its clean our sweat pores.

Right method to use lemon as remove oily skin and get instant glow:-

As i mentioned above lemon contain Citric acid so if any micro injury is on your face then you should not use this method till 
injury is heal because it can be very painful due to citric acid.
Cut the lemon and extract the juice.
Don't put the juice on your face by lemon slice directly take juice in your palm and gently put on your cheeks then slowly put on your entire face and massage gently after that leave this until to get the juice dry(approx 5 minutes),
When the juice get dryness then rub your face and after that wash your face with any soft soap.
You will see your face will glow.
This glow will keeps on your face till 3 4 days and its a natural glow.

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