An awesome way to enhance understanding between you and your love partner

An awesome way to enhance understanding between you and your love partner

Love is not just physical or beauty attraction
If it's true that it become your life.
The power of love is undefined it may be change your born bad nature to the feel paradise or if you placed in wrong hand then you can be destroy yourself although you contain lots of emotional power.

The common problem between mostly relationship is that one partner is understand the other but the other partner unable to find this, he/she though that the another can not full fill his/her desirement.
While both can love each other but only the problem of understanding take place and breakup occurs.

Enhance your understanding

The way i told you in this article is very intresting and contain much fun,
I surely told that is will be completely solve your understanding problem.
First of all you need a diary,

Divide this dairy in 3 sections,in the first section write all the good habits of your partner, this will help your brain to understand how much a person is good in nature because during the little quarel you both forget the good habits of each other.

In the second section write all the bad habits of your partner, it will help to improve your partner to leave their bad habits.

The 3rd section write all of your desirement which you want to need from your partner it can be help to understand what you want from your partner.

Share these diary to each other and get better understanding.

In any day you find your partner show any good habits then mark a star for that habit which is included in dairy it will help to understand your brain that your partner try to improve him/her for you.

Next time when you feel shy from your partner for anything read this dairy I'm surely told you you forget your anger after read your parents good habits.😊

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