Grow the Biceps by two inches only 7 Days at your home in gym workout

Grow the Biceps by two inches only 7 Days in Natural way-

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This is and thanks to your love and support. So today I am going to talk you about Bicep. Nowadays, the importance of gym and fitness is being proceed in the young generation. That’s right too. Everyone has desire to get a good and big size bicep, especially in boys. So, today I will share you some tips or mistake which causes everyone do mistake during workout and how you can grow your bicep Naturally at your home in help of gym workout, even by 2 inches. Let’s start-

Friends, bicep is part that is more visible and attracts people. If they have a good bicep muscle group then whether you wore t-shirt or shirts. Many people want to know what their bicep do not grow, what to do? So in this post today I will tell you all the things that will grow in our bicep. And I will also tell you what mistake you are doing during the exercise, due to which the size of bicep is not grow and will give some tips  that will help your biceps to come up adequately. So make sure you read this post till the end for all details and information. Guys, firstly I will tell you what people do mistake during exercise of bicep.


Nutrition or workout routine- first of all people who make mistake are nutrition. If you do not give proper nutrition to your body then after the workout then any muscle of body will not grow. From nutrition I mean right carbs, good fat, protein, water and rest should be equal to everything then muscle will grow. There should be calorie surplus to grow any muscle. That is, when you calculate you mention calories, after you take more calories from it your muscle will grow..
Lack of Intensity- lack of intensity in everybody’s workout. Many people follow good workouts and nutrition but even muscle does not grow because the brain is in the opposite direction and in this situation your muscle will never grow. Whenever you train the muscle, your intensity of brain should be on the same muscle and train the muscle under the good guidance with a proportional form.  Train your body muscle according to your endurance.
Lack of knowledge gym workout- the third biggest reason during workout mistake lack of knowledge. You should know which muscle is for the part of which group. For example if you exercising bicep, then you should know that which par of train bicep while workout. Which part of bicep is training. Bicep consist of two parts. BRACHIALIS and BRACHII as you can see in the picture. BRACHII also has two parts, Long Head and Short Head. The short head in the inside of the bicep and the peak that is long head. This is your bicep’s texture. The most important thing is how to train these three muscle. Therefore, while exercising, these three parts should be equally valued.
Tips- First tips is Wrist and Elbow Placement. Whenever your elbow inward and wrist are on the outside, you will train short hand as well as long head but the major will be especially trained short hand muscle. Similarly, when you hammer curl and the wrist will be inward then BRACHII muscle will be train. These are small things which should be take care of during the exercise. Then your muscle and bicep grow. Now we talk about the next exercise.
Its Bicep 21’s with the straight bar-

We are training this exercise in 3 range, Bottom Half, Top Half and Full Range of Motion. Check it the diagram first-
Firstly your bar angles should be all the way down, chest up, back straight, elbows locked. Then we will do 7 repetition in bottom half range. Don’t move your elbows and bottom half curl with the help of bicep. Now will do next 7 reps in top half range, again don’t move your elbows, do curls with the help of biceps. You have to squeeze your bicep on the top half range and now we will do next 7 reps in full range of motion. Means curl all the way up and squeeze the biceps and go the way down and stretch you r bicep. You can add this exercise at the end of your bicep schedule around 2 to 3 steps. Make sure your focus and connection should be with muscle!! Mind and Muscle connection. This is one of the best exercise.
21’s best exercise it’s the best way to force your muscle to grows.
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