If you first time read this knowledge that you will first know whether there is life on Mars or Not

If you first time read this knowledge that you will first know whether there is life on Mars or Not-
Hello, friends are welcome to About Fitness where the unresolved, unsolved mysteries are explain in the detail. And www.lovesitzone.in will keep posting for like this. Today’s is about the earth’s planet Mars. Let’s start-
Friends, this planet considered to ne the most favourable  after our planet. Because there are many similarities in the earth that are found in it. Our earth is tilted 23.5 degree on its axis. Hence the weather here changes. Similarity, Mars is also tilted 25 degree in its axis and here also change the year all year around. Mars’s diameter is 6790 km. where as the earth’s more is about half time bigger than size on our earth. Even if the parallels of this plant are similar to ours, but we cannot live here for a moment without life support. There as Oxygen gas but less than 0.2% and CO2 of 96%. Whereas 21% of our Oxygen present on plant is suitable for our living. Scientists are trying to create such macros that convert the present CO2 into Oxygen on Mars. So can people live there too. Mars complete one round of its axis in 24 hour and 40 minutes. But here one year’s doubled according to the year of the earth. Years of Mars is complete in 687 day and in the earth 365 days. The particles of dust coming on Mars are very strangely and very inimitably according to the planets. Present  in the solar system and storm comes very quickly, which storms do not cover a little space but take the whole planet to their maturity. And they keep running for months. The highest mountain in our planets is only on Mars , which is 21 km high and 600 km width. Which name Nick Olympia. While the highest mountain is Mount Everest on the our planet its height is 8848 meters. The average distance of our planet from Mars is 2250,00,000 km. the Mangal Yan, sent by India, took 298 days to reach. After become the first country to reach Mars. The distance from Mars to sun is 228 million km. from here the sun looks half of it to our planet. The solar system is the only single planet whose pole have snow on its poles.
Friends, our planet looks like this from Mars. As shown in the fig. Mars has two moons, Phomos and Demos. Both of them are quite small. One is 22 km width and the other is 13 km.


Even Mars’s moon demos that look like this on the planet in night as you can see in the picture. Like, we see stars from the earth. Nose feel like that, even on mars, there will be ring like Saturn. The reason of this is the moon Phobos, which is growing in its direction and after some billion year it will be collision friends, this was some amazing facts about Mars.
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