Let's explore some interesting facts about the sea and let's know how deep the sea?

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the sea and let’s know how’s deep the sea?
Hello, Friends, How are you all people once again welcome to our blog. Today I have to you for one thing that will be astonishing to know about that. After knowing this secret you will not be satisfied without tell to others people of this topic such information that can work any time in your life an unresolved secret. It’s all people want to know about that, but it does know what is real secret behind it and some extent they have questions or thoughts in their mind about this topic. But don’t worry www.lovesitzone.in blog that will always bring you knowledge related topic like this and post will continue in the same way. Today I am going to tell you about the Sea. After knowing that you will not have any doubts in mind nor will you have to try somewhere else  to know about it. So let’s start-

Friends, when you have to go Mountains or anything higher height, you are very scared. Similarly, you have ever wondered what, when you go under the sea, what will happen and what are the creature found there? Listening to these things will create a lot of questions in your mind. So, today I have came with a post for you to answer all these questions. You will be shocked by knowing about this. You know all about height but, get you know that about deepness?
Friends, for example- By breaking all these things which are available on earth, if we want to fill the Sea, and even through the earth will sink into the sea by 2 miles, 70% of the earth covered by sea with water, ¾ part and only ¼ of the Land is land on the earth. Let’s start our topic-
First I tell you an important topic. The height of a human being is about 1.5 meters. Similarly, if we take 10 building’s floor, then, its height length about 30 meters. So let’s talk we go now inside the sea and find out what is it deep?
Below 40 Meters- we go the depth of 40 meters in the sea, that is, the depth of 10 more above the from the building, then It called the maximum level to do “Scuba Diving” and scuba diving swim just in this depth.
Below 73 Meters- When we come to the depths of 73 meters depth, then its that’s depth, if we weigh the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar upside sown to submer then it will be completely submerged because both height are same.
Below 93 Meters- If you want go to of “Wreek of Lustiama” and then you have to go the depth of 93 meters in the sea.

Below 100 Meters- When we reach the depth of 100 meters. Then we cannot swim. It can be deadly because there is decompression sickness here. But “Heabert Nitsch” made a world record by swimming this depth, that too in only one breath. That too in depth in depth of 214 meters.
Below 332 Meters- The depth is up to 320 meters, where a person named “Ahmed Gabr” made a world record by scuba diving. No scuba diving has recorded so far in the depth below it.
Below 443 Meters- No when we reach the depth of 443 meter, then it would have that’s depth, if we put America’s, “American State Building” upside down in ocean, then it becomes the same depth.
Below 500 Meters- When we reach to the depth of 500 meter depth, then it would that’s depth, and it comes to that level, as far as the world’s biggest whale swims. As you know all, we have come very much in depth. But we still have not reached that depth, which I will tell you about. Let’s move forward. don’t worry, this is the beginning. We have to go even further deeper.
Below 535 Meters- we came onto the depth of 535 meters, then it comes to the level where the emperor Penguins swim and friends, in this situation there is so much water pressure, like pollar bear has been raised on a coin. Now let’s go more deeper Friends-
Below 830 Meters- Now when we come into the depth of 830 meters then its come to that’s level, when we revers the biggest building in the world “Burj Khalifa”, then this will be the same depth. Think! How deep the sea, is even more deepness than you thinking.
Below 1000 Meters- Now when we reached to the depth of 1000 meters, then starts to our “Scary Zone”. Its name is a scary zone because after this level the sun’s light could not even reach after this level, there is only darkness and darkness. There is so much water pressure on here. Let’s stand on the venus planet. Where, after you stand your life becomes impossible. Giant Squid is found at this place.
Below 1280 Meters- No we reached of depth 1280 meters and then it, becomes that place where the named “Leatherback Turtle” swim.
Below 2000 Meter- After coming into the depth of 2000 meters, we get very dangerous creatures, whose name is “Black Dragon Fish” is a very danger creature.
Below 4000 Meters- After reaching the depth of 4000 meters our “Abyssal Zone” starts. And friends, the water pressure is 11000 PSI and here the animals likes Alien are found. Where name are- Fingtash Fish, Anger Fish and Viper Fish etc.
Below 4267 Meters- When we reached of depth 4267 meters then, we come to “Average Depth of Ocean Zone” of the sea, but the rest of the sea is even deeper.
Below 6000 Meter- If you come to this depth, then it starts- “Hedal Zone” friends, the water pressure here is 1100 times more than the surface. It can also say like, the Elephant has been placed on paper or someone has imosed 50 boing jumbo jets on top of the person.
Friends, this depth is so much if you don’t have any safety tool, due the water pressure, it will not take even a second to go the death.
Below 6500 Meters- At this depth we get “DSV ALVIN SUBMING” which was used to find Titanic.

Below 8848 Meters- When we reached depth of 8848 meters, then it’s a very interesting level because it is that level, where if you inside down in the ocean then highest peak of the world then it will be complete submerge. I meant Mount Everest.
Below 8898 Meters- This is the depth where the “James Cameron” measured the depth of the sea under “Deepest Challenger Mission” during the comes with own submarine.
Below 10973 Meter- Now reaching the depths is called “Average Flight Altitude”. That’s is, when you see the plane to fly in sky from the earth, then the distance between you and plane estimated, this is the same distance. Which is called “Mariana Trench” now you can imagine yourself how deep the sea is. But only 5% of the sea’s crew could be discovered, but the sea is even deepest, than that.

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