Saturday, September 15, 2018

Let’s know about Aliens and what is Wow Signal?

 Let’s know about Aliens and what is Wow Signal?

Welcome to our blog and thanks to visit on here. Friends, today I have a topic for you which is so mysterious and everyone want to so today I will try to tell you that what is Wow signal and Are aliens are available among us or not deep information, let’s star the topic-
With the civilization of science, we are eager to know human civilization as well, that we have people like us the universe? And the concept of this hope is called the WOW signal. Actually, on August 15, 1977 40 years ago, we got a message form the people the message was cough by the Beac Eyed Telescope and it was decode by the Dr Jerry Ehman. This message filled the communication af great asset in the minds of earthling in the growing hopes Dr Jerry, who decoded this message, named it the WOW signal and Beac Eyed Telescope got this message for 72 seconds. This was never received. While the message come from the areal occur. He was scanned many times but that message had been missing. Dr Jerry being was described this sign in the 6e3UJ-5 surround by red colour in the electromagnetic character sequence, this message was showing a days functional deviation. It is so clear that this message was not received from the earth. This signal is considered by the developed Aliens in the scientific universe civilization as a resounding signal to the native in habitants. In this last 40 years, many experiments have been made in this message comparison. But we cannot get any such signal till now  nor could it be traced about it. Since than, it has been told a great mystery. But some research from the Centre of Science have solved the mystery of this message called WOW. The reports from these  researches has show that, this signal come from a comet and the frequency of this message of WOW was recorded at 1420Mgz. Which is similar to the emission of frequency of ordinary hydrogen gas and proving this, the researchers explains that Hydrogen changes also transmit WOW, did not get us again because of this, because comets to travel very fast. Moderator Antonio explain that, one day it was indicate a comet was present in the constellation and then there were no comet 266P Christensen and 355B gets. This message of WOW move come to an end by the amendment, from November 2016 to February 2017, the same comet appeared again. According to the Researchers, same comet transmitted from the same comet, the frequency sign indicated us as a WOW. It is know from the study that this message called the WOW is a natural phenomenon now its sent by an Alien. But friends, this does not mean its not alien. Some where in the infinity part of the universe, people developed by us may live there too   

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