Let’s know all about the Story GOT (Game of Throne) In one Slide.


Let’s know all about the Story GOT (Game of Throne) In one Slide-
Hello, Friends! I am come back another topic for you today, its hold on importance in the world of entertainment. About GOT I am telling you this story because so that when you sit in group with your friends, there will definitely be some of those who talk about GOT. But some people been not able to see episodes due to lack of time maybe because of which their emotions would be different in their group of friends. Let’s take a closer look at its story-
GOT is an American TV series that is broadcast on the HBO channel in the US. Its first episode was made in April 2011 and so far 10 episodes are created every season and the episodes of the 10 group are talk together, 1 Season. The first season in 2011, the second season in 2012 and the same way we’ve had 7 seasons so far. But there are 7 episodes in the season 2017. This series is shown with the US in the rest of the categories. This season deries dies shown with the US and the some other countries. Some countries are shown during the broadcast in the US and after hours or days in some. You can see its season in India at Star World Premiere or online app Hotstar. But in both ways have to pay for this. But people should want free the way, therefore downloading it with the help of Torrent on the Internet.
Let’s talk about Story-
First of all, let me tell you that that, this story is a fictional fantasy based story of GOT, which was published by the American Novelist George RR. Martin. So there is no mention of reality in it. This story is a continent whose name is Westeros, on the Northern side of westeros, on the northern side of are shown summer. Westeron has hot summer season, then is so much coldness in it, if you get cold in the north, there will be snow in ice all time. Its so sad that the some weather goes on for almost 7to8 years. That’s why, people of westeros are concerned about this. GOT’s famous dialogue is also “Winter is Coming”. Like is our country has is a city, state, then every city has again a city of its own and then a capital of the whole country. Similarly in in westeros there is also a capital and the entire state has capital named is Kinglanding. King sits in Kinglandin. Whose throne name is Iron Thorne on a part of westeros is also where, there are winters, there is on ice wall built on it. Which call, is The Wall and behind the Zombies live. Zombies ment, which are made from dead body. Those whose lives are quite different from weteros. These people say, wild lings at the level of the wall an army always keeps on guard. So that the wild lings do not come inside by crossing the wall. Which are say, Night Watch. Behind the wall there is no wild gender only, whit walkers are also live . similarly, the story continues and the dynasty keeps turning to grab their throne. Like every story, there are 2 types people of good and bad people in GOT amongst the the most powerful faculty in the are Ramsay and Joffrey in this Ramsey and Joffrey, both are dead when the season6 in over violience is very visible in GOT. Some of positive characters are Jon Snow, Arya, Little finger etc. in the fifth season, Jon Snow is killed, causing atmosphere of sadness in the trap of GOT. And like a Bollywood character again he was revived.
Please tell me the comments of friends GOT about how you felt?
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