Mystery of Bhangarh Fort and interesting Facts and real story

Mystery of Bhangarh Fort and interesting Facts and real story-

Hello, Friends once again welcome to blogger and thanks to love and support. Today I discuss you about one more topic about Bhangarh Fort. So, Let’s know about that-
 Friends, Bhangarh known different types of stories due to Paranormal activities in the fort of Bhangarh. Some of which can also be true and fictitious, therefore, related to the same stories, I would like to discuss some facts and facts about Bhangarh Fort. Guys, the fort of Bhangarh is very ancient, which is always known for its paranormal activity. After all, what is there in the fort of Bhangarh that prevents the common men from going inside the fort? The story of Bhangarh is very interesting and it is from the sixteenth century. It is believed that Bhangarh was very flourishing and pleasant for 300 years. But after a sudden, what happened to this fort that this fort became so ominous? Excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India has found enough evidence that this is an ancient historical site. Then again this fort is taken care of by the Indian government. Archaeological exist around the fort. The Superior Support Individual (SSI) has strictly instructed that any person’s stay after sunset is strictly forbidden in this area. This shambles has been made suitable by Indian archaeology. The point is to note that, where offices are made in every protected area of the Archaeology Department, in contrast, this protected office has been made very far in Bhangarh Fort. That’s a matter of great surprise. There are many temples in in addition to paranormal activities in the fort of Bhangarh, from which the temples of Lord Shomeshwar, Gopniya, Mangladevi and Kesarnath Devi are prominent. Many stories about Bhangarh fort are popular, some of which will tell you stories. Then you will be forced to think which story is true? It is sad that the Queen of Bhangarh was very beautiful and her beauty was being discussed throughout the state. Prince was curious to marry her from every corner of country. Its said that one day the princess gets filled with the companionship of her arsenic and goes to a shop and takes perfume and starts taking her fragrance. At the same time, a person named Sindhu Sendhra, who was a occultist from the profession, looked at the princess carefully, he was the native of that state. He had become nympholept about the appearance of the princess and he wanted to get the princess in any case. The princess was liking the bottle of perfume, the occultist had made magic, to pursue the princess but a trusted man had told the princess about occultist. The princess pecked up the bottle and threw it on the stone. So that’s broke down. So that the whole perfume was swept away and the stone slipped, causing the death of the occultist. But before he died, he was given a curse that all those living in the castle would die and never again flourish. This fort will always be converted into shambles and souls will wander all over the age. It is said that after the death of occultist, there was a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, due to which all the people living in the fort were killed so far with the princess too. Due to such large killings and war, today’s negative forces are inhabited here.
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