Now whether nutrition is found in what is in the Roti, the benefit of eating Roti

Now whether nutrition is found in what is in the Roti, the benefit of eating Roti-
Hello, friends welcome to all of you on my Blogger On, where you will always get post of about the fitness. Friends, Today’s I am going about to you on the good Nutrition. Which is very most important topic in fitness. without follow the good nutrition you will get never positive result and good physique. So, today I am going to tell you, during how you can get good personality to follow good diet and Nutrition, friends. Let’s start-
Friends, As you now that, carbs are very high in our culture and in Indian diet. If we take extra carbs our the needed then its convert to fat. So avoid to that’s, we should know tat which things to eat we get how much elements are its good for health or not. As you know, Roti is part of our culture. India and North are most consume roti. So my topic is how much healthy roti and if we include this to get our fitness goal the its than its would be healthy or not?
I tell you about Roti. It’s a source of carbohydrate and your body does not know about roti or about rice. Its know about Glucose. When you consume carbs than its goes our stomach and our body break this and convert to glucose after its goes to blood cells or save to glycogen. So that if you take of any type carbs as like through Potato, rice and which has made to whole wheat they all have carbs present anything that is made entirely of whole wheat, whether it is rice, maize and barley. All of them have present carbs and fiber. So let’s start back to topic to about roti-
When we eat roti, then its break body and its convert glucose and then goes blood cells and save glycogen as a fat or burn form of energy. Roti is not unhealthy from  all the way. Its made entirely of wheat grain, in which vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and fiber are present. But if you eating white flout’s Roti, it is harmful. I tell you that there is 22g of carbs inside a roti which is absolutely  not harmful and its absolutely right in post workouts or in the lunch. But if you are consume, that means they are eating roti in their meals and each meal the roti intake is more than two, than you will be fat. Because you are taking more carbs than you need and unable to burn then it become transformed into fat. If the carbs are of any kind, whether it is carbs taking much amount of roti or brown rice, it will change in fat only. Which is over all depend on your activity. Therefore, Roti is not unhealthy. Now I tell you which time you will get more benefit during to eat roti?
After one hour of post workout, when you consume the diet, you add, cheese, egg or fish to it with whole wheat roti, because it is very important to consume protein with carbs, to make these both combination necessary. For example- Egg Bhurji its best combination and best way to balance of macros with roti. With which you will get from both carbs and protein. All these facts make it clear that the roti is not unhealthy at all. If your goal is to build muscle then you can take two roti. If you want to lose fat then you should not take roti.    
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