The Reason for such cold and fall in Antarctica, Why is its so intolerable cold?

The Reason for such cold and fall in Antarctica, Why is its so intolerable cold?
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Welcome all of you once again on our blog. Today I have come back another topic for you. Regardless of whether you have ever come any question in your mind, today I talk to you about this topic and try to tell you why ultimately, why there is so much cold in Antarctica, which is against human beings waiting for one minutes too much. What is the secret of Antarctica? Let’s start-
Antarctica is the world’s southern most continental and South Druze is located in the middle of it and with its 14000000 Km2. North America, Asia and South America is the fifth largest continent. It is the world’s cold, dry and fast windy place and here is the cold throat body. Wherever the eyes look, the pearl sheets of snow are seen. No person from Antarctica does not stay there adequately, but there are different of re-search stations in different countries. Where about 2000 to 5000 people are come and go. Here, India has established 3 re-search stations, out of which two are active. Plant are very rare due to more cold, which include the South Polar, Whale Seals, Albatrasses Penguins and various types of flora and tund vegetation. Let’s know about Antarctica’s Random facts-

Antarctica is about ½ times Europe and 4 times large India. This place used to be warm only about 53 million years ago. Where the temperature was greater than 20 degree Celsius. There were found the Palmyra. But, of course at that the time part of Antarctica was located on the southern tip of the Earth. Due to move over the plates on the surface of the Earth, Antarctica is located on the Southern end, similarly due to the activities happening earth, Many Countries, Islands and continent have been separated or joined. We have measured the lowest temperature in the Antarctica by humans -89.2 degree Celsius. This record was made on 21 July, 1983. Roald Amudsen of Norway was the world’s first human who was reached by South Pole. There are also some places in Antarctica, where several thousand years old thick sheets of ice are still frozen. And from many years have not snowed but still 1.5km thick ice sheets are frozen. Hundreds of years old ice mountains are present. This place is driest place on earth. Therefore, its is also called “Dry Vally” in Antarctica. “Mac- town” is also the “Mcmurdo Station”, which has been running since 1962. Here, 90% of the earth’s is water is located in the form of ice. Here are some places where winds run at speed of 350 km/hr over, only Antarctica and New Zeland are the only places on earth where snakes are not found. This is the only country in the world where there is no time zone. The first was Emilio Macros Palma, born on 7 January to Argentina Parents at Esperanza, Hop Bay, near the tip of the Antarctica peninsula. In 1984, Juan Pabla comacho was born at the President Eduardo Frei Montalva base, becoming the first children born in Antarctica. This place is also surrounded by mysteries- many scientists firmly claim that there was undeveloped civilization at this place. The Greek Philosopher Pluto also wrote about the Antarctica civilization and its execution 2000 years ago. Which is a chauffeur secret for us. Because we always knew that life in Antarctica is not possible. So when scientist began to know about this, then same facts and residences that were similar to the views expressed by Pluto. People say that century , in many own mythological history, people of mythical civilization should have reached this place. After all, there are some countries’ scientific test and re-search of Nuclear research and natural element is still fast proceed in Antarctica and scientific study.
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