What is muscle Glycogen and how to burn stored body fat, deep Information.


What is muscle Glycogen and how to burn stored body fat, deep Information-

Glycogen is a glucose polysaccharide that occurs in most mammalian and non-mammalian cells, microorganisms, and even some plants. It is an important and quickly mobilized source of stored glucose.
First of fall, we know that, what is muscle Glycogen and where’s does store our carbohydrate or Glucose? And how does body fay burn? Knowing which you will get special information and you will be able to take care of your health easily and prove to be useful in providing information to others.

Let’s know us, What is muscle Glycogen  

Glycogen is where your energy is accumulated or the place where your carbohydrate is stored. Its called Muscle Glycogen, mean when you consume carbs and after you stomach break, then it convert in glucose and it goes glucose in your blood cells. Either you spend that Glucose in the form of energy or as obesity it gets accumulated in glycogen, just as you can see the diagram which showing from text by green block. An you can say, too this “backup Energy”. So what is Muscle Glycogen? That’s why the stored energy in your body is inside this Glycogen tank which is called, Muscle Glycogen. It is not in our stomach and its present in our muscle, so it is referred to as muscle glycogen. When you eat carbs and its goes to your body and broke it in stomach and then it goes to blood cells and after it get stored in our Glycogen in the form of obesity, as or fat.If body is in resting mode, if you first take carbs in the meal and your body convert it to glucose and then it got saved in glycogen’s Backup Energy. Same again if taken again the carbs in the second meal and then you did not five any energy  then it got saved in your Backup Energy again. The third time you did this again in the same way and its got safe in the glycogen tank. Now what is happening when kind of process happens, note that your glycogen tank is increase. Similarly, if you consume 4 meal, 5 meal, as you needed carbohydrate it does not matter. But in this same way , your glycogen will goes full up. You did not work out that and you being taking and consume to further meal in day, taking carbs continuously in a similar manner, your glycogen is full your body spend as much energy, its fine. But if you do not burn energy that the upper part of you tank is full then, that it stars Spill Over or Over Flow. And when the tank is full then carbs will not come in glycogen. Then it will convert fat. Now this process is going on growing every day if you carbs are take more meals, then fat cell are increase in your body. When the consumption is your carbs is high, due to which your muscle glycogen will be full then its start to over flow or spill over and then whether it and Arms, Stomach or Legs why not is too, and your muscle starts forming the layer of obesity. As I give you an example-
When you started eating carbs your body fat percentage was around 15% and later because of taking carbohydrate more everyday, it is becoming spill over. That’s why in the month of your stomach, pearls are increasing in the month and your body fat percentage is increasing. Due to which you will look heavy because fat mass is high because of your carbs is high. If you are taking more carbs everyday and have been taking several weeks, months and years. If you are doing workout then this situation will remain because you still take carbs over dosing. Those people do not workout and consume 4,5 meals a day. Which contain sugar, carbs and also elements present, their glycogen full fast. Which people does not workout you know guys, those people already extra body fat like 15%-20% or could be above. And those people who workout, those people deplete glycogen, but not poll way again, because you no counting carbs and eating fat or some other things and the your glycogen would be spill over.

Now we covered the topic, How we burn stored Body Fat-
When your glycogen is full then we have to deplete it, first. We were taking carbs but now we will reduce carbs as that from the 6 meals we will take no carbs or take low carbs in 4 meals in a day, when you have stopped the supply of carbs and you do workout, then our glycogen starts fat will burn and fat will burn and fat calories burn. Which depends over all protein intake. In first case, our carbs was high and protein intake is low and now we will protein high and drop the carbs when we drop the carbs and high the protein then our glycogen would be starts to deplete, when you reverse the process and in sloe proceed you can burn to stored body fay to help of good Nutrition and Workout.

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