Weight loss Vs fat loss know that what is different and how to set goal and which is more healthy? Fully explained by Lovesitzone


Weight loss Vs fat loss know that what is different and how to set goal and which is more healthy? Fully explained by Lovesitzone.in

Hello, Friends! Welcome to www.lovesitzone.in and thanks to love and support. Today I discuss you about one more topic between weight and fat loss that which is batter and more fascinate in Fitness. So, let’s start-
What is happening in weight loss is that your weight may be loss in that form of fat, in form of muscle, in the form of water and in the form of muscle. This meant that your muscle may also be loss and fat can also loss of and water too. In majority, which fat and weight has been loss, such as people are over weight or extreme over weight, in excess of 20-30 and 40 kilograms over weight, in men and women. All those who loss weight have mostly water and muscle loss if you over weight. If your weight was 160 kilogram but now 100 Kg then there is no problem. If you have loss muscle or water also there, then no problem. But now you are already looking good because you have loss weight, which is very important. The people who compete, those bodybuilder are the glamour of men and women, the beauty of your body is essential. So what’s going on? The fat above your muscle is visible only when the visibility of muscle will appear, only when the condition of your fat drops. If you have loss your muscle there, then your fat will be there. If fat is too much muscle, then it is not so good or attractive. Therefore, which is glamour fitness modelling, ramp modelling, physique inside extreme fitness within health and fitness, whatever transformation inside it is fat loss transformation. That’s why your body size will be same as the size of the muscle, but the fat that is around the muscle is the only drop and it attracts men and women. Therefore, fat loss is much more healthy than weigh loss. But if your weight is 120-200 Kg in weight loss, in that case if there is a loss of your weight and muscle then there is nothing to worry about because you are already looking younger, looking good and looking attractive. They are already looking healthy and it is also necessary. Interms of lookwise but if you shed the shirt then there will not be a good weight loss result. Fat loss transformation often you will find friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Majority has the same fat loss picture. First, your fat loss was 15% or 20% then 10,8 and now 6%. The more your fat layer will be as high as the personality and visibility of your definition. So, fat loss always, always attractive than weight loss. So this is the difference. If you are not over weight, if you are over weight of 5-10 or 15Kg then you should have fat loss.
Now the problem in nutrition of fat loss and weight loss is that people in weight loss lose the protein intake consumed with calories. Either people stop eating al together of take 2-3 meal throughout the day. The gap between their first and second meal is very high. In this situation, your body goes into catabolic and muscle in the catabolic. The loss starts to happen. Now it is not so affective. Guys, what I am telling you is not affective because in it you have to be hungry and then when you start eating during weight loss, you get your weight gain again. That is why it is not a healthy, which is of no use. If you stop taking 1-2 months again, then your weight starts to gain, which is not affective. Fat loss takes seven meals a day in a small portion but its macro which is fat, protein and carbs are those balances. You get high protein intake when carbohydrate is low. If you are taking meal every 2-3 hours, then your body does not contain catabolism and remains in anabolic because there is a lack of proteins inside your diet. Your moderate or moderate high is running, so that the muscle loss does not go remain in the starvation mode and you will not be able to regain exquisite weight in any case because your lifestyle is the batter. That’s why fat loss is always healthy, always affective and always more attractive.
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