Knowing some of the Vastu Shastra related tips and causes which can bring prosperity in your life

Knowing some of the Vaastu Shastra related tips and causes which can bring prosperity in your life-
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Today friends, I discuss about some Vaastu suggestions, which when you followed to get more money, happiness and worth. Friends, you must listen from some people that what we can do to get more fortune so now I discuss about some of these topics. In Vaastu we must followed three factors-

v Main door of your house
v South- west angle
v Ishaan Kon
Now, I discussed all of above factors briefly-
1.Main Door- Its is the main factor of your house prosperous, Goddess Laxmi is enter your house by the main door, so as much possible your main door should be big and looking attractive. Some more factors about main door is discuss the following..
v Make sure the light always incident on your main door also it must be clean.
v A name plate of the head of your house should be appear on the main door.
v There have no noise during open or close the door.
v There have no obstacle on the main door.

2. Ishaan Kon- this is the place of worship and it is assume that most purest place of your house so on this place must be cleaned and make proper arrangement of the things.
v Do not placed the heavy object on the Ishaan Kon. As much possible this place should be vacant because it is the factor of the wealth of the house.
v Please a water fountain on the Ishaan Kon it give fortune but make sure that the fountain is in working state, as the flow of the fountain increase you will more healthy.
v On the Ishaan Kon you want to placed an aquarium, but keep conscious about the health of fishes.

1  3. Now I discuss about the South- West direction-        
v All of your jewellery and important documents should be places on those about direction. Cash lockers, Racks all of them are placed in those direction. The document related to your property cash drawl all of them are placed on these direction.
v God Kuber is present in those direction these are the God of wealth, so if your lockers are open in the south- west direction the God Kuber help you in all of your financial concern.
v Your cash box of locker not be placed under the beam. If you place the cash box under any beam otherwise the members of your house faced the financial stress.

      Friends, follow these easy step you can change your life, you get the prosperity, wealth or piece forever. If you like this post leave the comment on comment section and share and like this post.

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