Your naval is the centre of many things in your body: Some remedies for your naval to get some wonderful results and get to know types of oils and skin care tips

Hello friends once again welcome to our blog, we always try to write about some special ways, remedies for you.
Today's remedies is based upon your naval hole.

We all of known that naval is the central part of our entire body it is forms by the saperation of the mother's central point to the child's central point during baby birth,
During the pregnancy this central cavity between the child and mother is use for respiration for new born baby because in mother's stomach the baby can not grow much and unable to breath via nose.

Basically our naval contain the direct connection to our face so by some remedies we treat our face to get glowing,
Also there have lots of things to treat via our naval hole.

There are some remedies which can be follow to get some wonderful results:-

1-Massage with almond oil on naval:-
By the changing of weather our skin get affected so much, it's colors change, by putting the almond oil this problem will be resolved and skin will be heal.

2-Massage with mustard oil on naval:-
·         By deficiency of vitamin B12 or change in weather our lips and heels will crack so by putting mustard oil in our naval these problems will be heals.
·         If you add salt to Mustard oil then apply it in our teeth or gums, then it becomes even more shiny and the problems like Pyorrhoca also disappear, so that the teeth remain strong till their whole life.
·         If you are troubled by the pain in arthritis, then add a little camphor in the Mustard oil then massage this oil for 10-15 minutes. In this way daily use of this remedy provides relief from arthritis.

3-Massage with Neem oil on naval:-
·         By increase in age our face will Affected by pimples it is generally in the age of 17 to 21. Neem oil is beneficial for both health and beauty, but get you know that neem oil is also used for the treatment of many diseases.
·         Neem can be very beneficial for dry skin. Eczema’s skin salivary is swollen and itching. Apply neem oil to the affected area. The wounds created due to burning also quickly recover from neem oil. Neem oil also prevents infection. Neem oil prevents to nail- claws and skin scars are also removed.
·         Mix half spoon of neem oil together with neem oil, mix it in the milk in the evening and drink the blood and all kinds of parsing. Diseases like undesirable fats, nails, fungus are due to fungal infections. The compounds found in neem, it remove the infection by eliminating the foam found in the skin.
·         Pimples are the curse for our face and make harsh, by massage of neem oil these pimples will be heals and you will get glowing skin.

4-Massage with coconut oil:-
·         The massage with coconut oil on your naval increase the reproduction capacity.
·         If you have a dark circle on your eyes, to finish it, you can massage it with lite hand caress in your eyes put sown just two drops in the eyes, which will reduce the dark circles instant.
·         If you want to get rid of dry skin, you can also use coconut oil for this. Whatever you use the cream, add only 2 drops and dry skin becomes well.

6-By putting Butter oil:-

·         When cows grace on grace and mixed greens it improves the vitamin contain and fact compliment milk which is reflected make from that milk.
·         Butter from grace that cows contains a beneficial ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
·         Butter from grace of cow is also much higher a source of antioxidants conjugate linoleic acid, vitamin A, D and K.
·         The brilliant yellow colour of this and beta-carotene which are body convert vitamins. The antioxidant, beta- carotene is responsible for the butter’s brilliant colour.

·         Butter oil makes your skin soft and heal dry skin problem.

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