A powerful book As a Men Thinketh that definitely can change your life in a few moments


A book that describes the behavior and thoughts of a person. Which is based on the great author James Allen's book "As a Men Thinketh".

James Allen in 19th century. James Allen was well- known Philosopher and writer of Britain. "As a Men Thinketh" is based on a Biblical proverb. In which it is written that whatever human beings think in their mind becomes what they are. In this book, the author told us how our thoughts affect our life and how a person's life is related to his thoughts.


James Allen Wrote this book in 1903 but the principals are applicable in the way some even today. James Allen says that the person who holds the thoughts in his mind thinks they becomes the same. People themselves think of it, As it thinks and promotes, thoughts make up a person's character. This book has 7 chapter in which I' ll tell you about 4 chapters. Every aspect of human life is linked to his ideas. Man's thoughts are good or bad, positive or negative one by one, I' ll tell you about 4 out of 7 chapters. If you want know the remaining 3 chapters and tell me in the comments box, I' ll post about next more those 3 chapters. Let's start-

1.Think & Character- James Allen says that, the person's character is made up of his thoughts, the character of any person is the sum of his thoughts. Man's character affects his life in all the situations that come in his life. Causes and affects only not in the physical world but also in the thoughts of the world, we see that whatever happens in out life there is no point in our thoughts. But James Allen says that everything we so or whatever happens in our life is in our thoughts. Each and everything activity we do appear in our thoughts first. Some work which seems without thinking, we have done it only because of the great anxiety of our mind. A person with a good character does so because of hood ideas. On the other hand, a man with a bad characters takes his bad thoughts as it happens. Everything is made up of their thoughts. Man's character depends on his thoughts. The thoughts of men are so powerful that they can spoil and make them. Any person is able to analyze himself by doing his work or experience and become the master of his thoughts because of himself.

Just as the metals like hold and diamonds come after a very deep digging, in the same way the person has to understand the depth of his thoughts. In order to understand yourself. We should understand our thoughts carefully and see how our thoughts are affecting us and our surroundings or on our lives. If we constantly keep our minds focused on our thoughts, then gradually we' ll understand that whatever our life is happening is due to our thoughts.

2.Effects of Thoughts on Circumstances- A person's mind is like a garden. If its properly cared for, its will get fruitful. In the same way, wee need to have pure and good thoughts in our mind to get good ideas in our life keep good thoughts in your heart for a better life. Just as we have to remove bad grass flowering. The life of a person depends on their thoughts that what affect it has on the circumstances on our life.
If a person thinks that is due to external circumstances, then external circumstances will always affect him. When they changes their mind's thoughts and brings good thoughts in mind and prepare their control over mind, external circumstances and results and results will change. If you change your thoughts your external situations will tend to change automatically. By keeping pure thoughts in mind the person's character becomes pure.

You have always noticed that, whenever you meet such people, they talk negatively, that meant they are Negative!

Whenever you meet them, then they' ll say-
I' m screwed, Loss in business, No Money!
And whenever you meet such people, they will complain about their situations all these results are the getting in their life. They get negative result because their  thoughts are negative.
On the other hand, you'll get people who will never complain to you. Some people are always happy and from the others their relationship are good. Because of their good thoughts they make good relations. Which case they will get more beneficial achievement. Our thoughts are like a seed which after gives us definitely results.

3.Effects of  thought on health & Body-  Author James Allen says that man's body is slave on his heart. If a man has unclean thoughts in their mind then own body becomes ill and starts rotting. With good thought, the body gets beauty and puberty. Stress makes man weak and invites illnesses. False thoughts spoil the human nervous system pure thoughts, body and mind make does happy.
Ideas are good or bad, its results always appear on our body. Having pure thoughts in the mind comes purity in the body. So you have to pay attention to your thoughts. If our thoughts are negative then it has to be positive. If you want to make your body beautiful then your thought we will have to make be good and to get beautiful body, you have to to have beautiful thoughts in your mind.

4.Thought and Purpose- Nothing can be achieved until ideas are linked to the goal. Those who don't have any goals in life, they soon become victims of fear and anxiety. Because of which they have to face failure in life. We all should set the purpose of our lives and prepare ourselves for achieving it. We should make our thoughts the center of character and a man's first priority should be his goal.
If you set a goal in your life, then you can achieve it only if you don't allow them to wander around your thoughts here and there. You need to focus on your good to get success. To get focused you must control your thoughts. It's not necessary that your first attempt would make you successful. You might fail to achieve your goal and again.
Frequent effort and practice also makes the weakest man strong. A person whose make by exercises a strong person with good exercise and becomes a man with a simple thinking becomes great with their thoughts.
James Allen says that if they conquers doubt and fear,  they also wins all their failures. When you focus your thoughts on your objective without fear, your thoughts work as a creative force. With this structural power you can do anything in life and achieve any goal 

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