Adopt this prayer method in Diwali festival and this mantra chant which, will gets you progress in life and life will come in prosperity

Hello, friends welcome to and thanks to love and support. Today I am going to tell you how you worship Maa Laxmi in Diwali and how to do prayer and what’s method would be good? So friends now we talk about that, let’s start-
While worshiping Laxmi ji, there are some special items to take care because if you use special items, they are happy soon and fulfil you objective purpose. Their favourite clothes in garments is red, pink or silk and in the grains of rice and sweets, pudding or veins made in the house are suitable for them. The cow’s ghee, peanuts and spleen can also be used. Now friends, let’s talk about how to pray Maa Laxmi by worshiping them.
First of all you put red clothes on Maa Laxmi’s post and on Ganesh ji and Laxmi ji’s statue should be placed in such a way that their face should remain in the east- west direction. Set Laxmi on the right side of Ganesh and worship the idol of pray and to adore sit in front of the Ganesh ji’s and Maa Laxmi statue. Then you have to keep a handful of rice and put it on chapel then you have to set up a vase on it and place a plate on the top of the urn and wrap a coconut in a red cloth in such a way that the front part of it can be appear and keep that urn on the plate. Put two large lamps in one ghee and fill the mustard oil in the other. You have to keep a lamp in the right way of the idol and the other at the feet of Ganesh and laxmi ji. Now you have to take a little water in hand and spray it on the idol, on the self and on the worship page. Purify all the places by spraying it on the easiest. Then, after revealing the Maa Laxmi and the earth, take the flowers and water for both things. Take a little bit of money, you can use some coins or notes. Now take a resolution in your hand and say, “ I am going to worship an idol worshiped goddess, which gives me great results.” Then you worship goddess Laxmi and Ganesh ji. Then you have to take Mauli and hive it to lord Ganesh by apply tilak Ganpati, yourself and Laxmi ji, dedicated makeup material like kajal, sindoor, bindi you must definitely dedicate all these things and descent Aarti Maa Laxmi and Ganesh ji. This way your worship is complete. Now let talk us about what Mantra you can bring to happiness, joy and prosperity in life on this day
Mantra to raise the higher happiness, prosperity and consciousness
ü Start from the auspicious day of Diwali.
ü Wear yellow or white clothes for this purpose.
ü Worship Goddess Laxmi with incense and flowers.
ü Lit a pure ghee lamps before the Goddess Laxmi.
ü Chant rosaries of this mantra.
ü Complete of the chants worship Goddess Laxmi with Aarti and some sweets.
ü Next day make donations your Guru and Brahmins.
Mantra- ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्री कमले कमलालयै मम प्रसीद-प्रसीद वरदे श्रीं ह्रीं श्री महालक्ष्म्यै नम:।।
(Om Shreem Hreem Shree Kamlay Kaanmalayai Mm Praseed- Praseed Varde Shreem Hreem Mahalakshmayai Namah.)

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