Such a building in whose can live together 1 million people, Mt. Everest is nothing in front of that

How much tall can a humans build a tall building?

Today, Friends! the topic I'm going to talk to you about is a very interesting topic. Guys, you know about the powers of nature that nobody can compete it, but have you ever thought that, humans, after all how tall can build a building? There will never have been any idea about in your mind. So friends, let's talk about some modalities and theoretical base on scientific ways and talk on the basis of the real facts made building that, how can built human tallest building.

Friends, you will know about Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the word, the Burf Khalifa is one such building that is still one of the tallest buildings in the world. This building so tall that if any object if the is thrown down from the Burj Khalifa, it will take 20 seconds to fall down. Engineers said that, it is so high that if we also prepare cement to build the building and find a way to take them to such a height, then if this cement goes up to such goes while height on top, due to heat of Dubai, it will freeze. So the solution to this problem way resolved that it will be do at night. This building is so high that if you see the sun rising from the ground floor, then if you go from the super fast lift to the highest floor, then you will be able to see the same scene again.

At the time of Ramadan, a gap of 2-3 minutes is placed in the top floor and ground floor so that all can break their fast together. Because the sun has been already sunset for the ground floor, people have to wait for 2-3 minutes for people from the upper floors, because still people can seem of sun to been appearing from above on top floors. The Burj Khalifa is a building which is made by humans. This building only tells that the humans have built such a tall building, but it doesn't tell how much height the humans can make the building till.

But Theoretically man can build a much higher structure that Mt. Everest is nothing in front of that. Yes, Guys! you heard correct...
we can build a taller building than this but till a Certain limit. Because there is something that is preventing us from reaching such a height. According to theory, there is no limit to making any of our things, but as we will get height of anything. The lower part of it will have to be as wide or strong as possible. So that it can handle all the above weight.

As you know Earth is round, we have a limit, after which we can not make our earth part even broader and this is the reason that the building's height also becomes limited.
With the help of technology and resources available at the time, we can make the best thing today. The name is X- SEED 4000. It will the world's tallest building, whose blue print meant map is ready. After its height would be about 4 kilometers, Yes!

The Burj Khalifa will be seen in front of a small building. As you can see given by an image. Whose base will be widened to 6 kilometers wide. This building will be prepared like a metal case like an outer. In which nearly one million people can love together. It will be so high that there will not be get to see any change of climate which people will living on top of floor of due to height. Imagine what will be the scene?
On the building's ground floor being rain and the sun light is spread around on top floor some like that as you can see this image.

Friends, now you remember that, what I said was that the human create something like that in front of Mt. Everest, but it will also be a problem like I told you earlier, along with its height the weight of the downside will also be increased but only to a certain extent.
If something goes to Earth's Geostationary point, then a new force will begin to form on it and it is the distance from force to Centrifugal Force Geostationary orbit Earth, where no object stops being attracted due to gravity. The Centrifugal Force will start balancing the part it takes, due to which this structure will generate a tension and due to the same tension itself will seem to be stable.

For Example:- "The tension force is the force transmitted through a rope, cable, string or wire pulled taut by force acting on both ends".
Something similar will happen here too, and it can also be up to 35 kilometers. We call this construction "Space Elevator". Now here is the problem of that today we don't have such a strong material that able take care it force or weighing force.

Well! There are more problems to making it, such as how we will save it from the bustle of space, now you may be wondering if there is what's need to make it, then friends will be in today's time if we want sent anything space then it's has a very expansive to for sent to space, but the help of space elevator we can send the anything at very cheap and less than 1/10 price for on e kilogram of anything.

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    1. -Yes,Ronnie!
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