Some cheap and intresting ways to increase the milage of your vehicle

Good morning friends once again I'm back to tell you some interesting facts about our vehicles.

Nowadays generally 3 4 vehicles are found in each home, I'm an Indian and i face that nowadays the rate of petrol are very high and these can be variate certainly, if any day this price is decrease about 2 rs that most probable it will be increased upto 5 rs in next 4 days.
So if we have 3 4 vehicles in our home then it will be very costly to kept all vehicle tank full.
Also if the millage of your vehicles are decresed so it's very heavy for your pocket.
Here is some tips to maintain your vehicles millage.

1-Get proper services to your vehicle after operate 1500km:-

By using the vehicle for long time without services gave greatest impact to the millage.
It's also affect the performance of your vehicle. So make sure that get proper service at each and also change the engine oil during service.
The changing of engine oil is a greatest factor of millage and also it's makes the performance of your engine is good.

2-Do not overloading:-
Overloading is also a major factor to impact on the mileage of your vehicle, every engine have a fixed capacity of pickup but if you overload then the engine will be heated and lots of energy waste in the form of heat energy that's why some extra fuel burn and its the greatest impact on the milaege.

3-Keeps proper air in tyres:-
The theory behind the filling air in tyre is that the air is light compare to the solid so the tyre contain airs, by this the weight of the entire vehicle is seems light for the tyres and the work done for the engine is decresed and the mechanical energy will not waste in form of heat.
So make sure we can fill the proper amount of air in tyres it can reduce the energy loss.

4-Accelerate your vehicle in regular speed:-

The limitation of speed is very essential factor improper acceleration generate lots of heat in engine due to this engine heated and lot of energy lost and it's a very great impact on mileage.

So you should accelerate properly in 1st gear, then 2nd and accordingly top gear.
It's my strongly recommendation that for domestic use 2 wheeler vehicle fixed the speed at 70km it's the greatest way to get good mileage.
Remember that the vehicle is for your comfort not for show off 😊


We see that the fundamental factor for the good mileage is to reduce the heating in engine.
By the heating of engine there have lots of energy loss because the fuel burn in very large amount and the mileage affected.

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