Two words which will gives you more love between you and your lover and some factors which give better understanding in relationship and prevent some common problem which are generally occurs

Hello friends how are you all?? Today in this post i discuss about very common problem in relationships and two words which will gives you more love between you and your lover. It will
excite your girlfriend, love or lover.

Every new relationship contain little quarrels due to mismatch understanding.
Boy thought that the girl could not understand him and make hassles,
While the girl thought as just for boys,
The main reason of this problem is that we expect lots of desirements from our partners Point to be noted, every relationship needs some desirement but the very important thing is that anybody can't be perfect so do not expect lots of desirement from your partner.

There are following some factors and tips which may help you to make better understanding between you and your partnerπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘:-
1:-As i explain before anybody cant be perfect so don't keep lot of expectation from your partner, only take those expectations which are better for your partner not for you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–, because true is that which is all about care for your partner.

2:-Never doubt on your partner,i mean to say that gave full independence to your partner,in true love your partner understand all of your feeling and never done such work which make you shame of feel shy also it is impossible that your partner leave you and love to other,
If you doubt on your partner it's just born a big quarrel nothing else.

3:-Never feel shy if your partner sometime not gave you time, but its not means that he/she ignore you without any reason and waiting for you for call and text its called ego in simple language and its just born the breakup after some time, because relationship did not have place for ego.

4:-Never involve 3rd person to investigate about your partner, always directly talk to your partner about any thing which create a doubt for you.

5:-Transparency is mandatory in any relationship,any thing in your past life present life can never be hidden from your partner,its probable something is that which is not appreciable for your partner,so by discussion you can solve it in each other before any misunderstanding take place.

Now talk about two magic words

We all have love sometimes or sometimes in our life, whether it is school time or college life. When a loved one comes to love, it seems to be all false in the world except for his partner. They become extinct with them in the world of dreams and start sharing all the personal things with their partner in life. Those who have love, there is conflict or misunderstandings in them, due to which the relationship becomes stronger. It is so often that people tend to love, but they are afraid to show their lover but it is necessary that love is used only by proposing. You can make your love and feel partner that you love them so much by doing such things. Today, I' m going to tell two such words from

which you can make a place in the heart of your partner.
1. I am with you- love is important in every difficult situation, cooperating with each other. If you love someone and if, your partner is in any trouble, you must say, "I am with you" some such in this way form partner to say then, your partner will feel that there is someone in their life who loves her/him and in every context in life, her/his love will support their partner. In such a way, love for you, love will stay always be heart in your partner
2. No Matter or No need say Sorry- When your partner goes wrong or done any mistake, explain instead of scolding him/her and ask them to pay attention, but scolding or stigma in every little thing can weaken you love life. You can say if you want "No Matter or No need say Sorry" next time to pay attention. This will increase you love for you in the heart of your partner

Hope by above some reason are helpful for your relationships.
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