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Kamal Nath | Madhya Pradesh, CM About Political Life and Family.
Honorable Chief Minister, MP
Since 2018 (About: Political life)
Kamal Nath has been union minister since 90's. But he first time he goes back of the State which has selected him non- stop for nine times to Lok Sabha as a chief Minister. As the pradesh congress's Chief Minister Kamal Nath has started the party to win the end of mark of Shivraj Chauhan 15 years rules of Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath is man of the moment in MP in point of time.

Kamal Nath's  Political Life

Kamal Nath the wafer leader was selected as a president of Madhya Pradesh congress committee in may this area. 7 months later Kamal Nath engineer the win congress win in of a 114 ft against a 109 ft of BJP.
Indira Gandhi used to describe Kamal Nath as a third son who has take on Murathi Desai leadership in 1979.

39 years later senior most member in 10th Lok Sabha had Indira Gandhi's grand son and congress president Rahul Gandhi ensure a victory that put in to Shivraj  Chauhan's 15 years as Chief Minister since 2003.
 The 9th time Lok Sabha MP from Chindwara. Kamal Nath did have it easy since was a disappointed as the PCC president. The pary was reticle with finalist over his choice by Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Sindhya the sign of part violence of density. This enough if you do congress had kept hte party out of power for the last 15 years.
Kamal Nath made at bring first together senior party leader like Pharma MP and Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, Sindhya and Suresh Pachauri. He ensure that regional said traps got res- presentation in their a lot of tickets.

The Congress also made tradition news of the energetic Sindhya to pull voters to work the party by a pointing him the state campaign committee. After the ticket distribution state congress Digvijay Singh to well depended the party with Kamal Nath as president Madhya Pradesh. PCC was able to withdrawn past of free rebels from the election of ring, which BJP fail.
As a election date truderaura Kamal Nath to end his cons of BJP and the Chauhan's popularity.

The BJP attack Nath after and video visual clip viral in which he was hurt with clearest to ensure 90% voting the state muslims dominated areas to ensure of congress win victory.
But it couldn't stop the vertex to offered were changed at vote of congress.
Kamal Nath is win minister of his development and also a pointed of the pro terms speakers of current Lok Sabha. We were soldiers changes of different ministry as union ministers in 1991.

In Madhya Pradesh this sub-genre congress leader commons loyalty and following that is harden. It been of met the congress president ask his MLA to choose their minister and Kamal Nath must the Popular choice. 

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