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Japan Population: Previous Month 2018, and Develop Technology

Following depth explanation about ageing population and low birth rate. Japan release an official senses to show her decreasing population in 2015.
Now in 2018 in population seems it continue to decrease essences 2010. The population was 128 million. This figure is also Japan's peak population figure. It has never visible about of this number.
In 2015 the population was 127 million making the country the 10th most population country of that the time.
The ladies count is 127,159,18 in 8 years the population has shrunk by the most million people. Those is the first time in the country's history population has shrunk.


The figure around the 2nd World War show were decrease but it mainly do the this placement of men station of broad on military duties join those years. This seems to be 3 main reasons behind Japan decrease in people.

Low Birth Rate ( Japan birth rate has dropped considerably).
Low Immigration ( The country has little in the way low immigration to make up deficits).
And thirdly,
High Life Expectancy ( Japan has one of the highest fly fix series in the world).

If you are born in Japan you can be expectancy to the live world's all age 85 years according to 2016 resistance.
So, let's people are from outside countries by great to Japan.
Japan has a population density in 2011-
336 people per square mile. The rank's is the 35th density populated country in the world.
75% of Japan's land and is made up mountains for the forest cover range of the 68.5%. Therefore,
90.7% of Japanese people living in cities.

2012 recorded by the National Institute of population and social Security research in thos case the Japan was keep decreasing by approx 1 Million approaching living the Japan population of 42 Million in the year 2110.
In 2060 they have productive 40% population will be age of 65 years. Accordingly, 20% of the population 65 years in all time. So Japan is such a country from all men and women for country required birth rate to sustain population growth 2.1 but the Japan's current birth rate 1.4

So,why are not Japanese people having children?
Well! In 2013 survey 1/3 of Japanese people think marriage is pointless.
Stardely, marriage has been encouraged.
Recently, however the country has experienced the shift social stander with more and more singles tins choosing to remain now.

Single people in 2011 Survey
61% Men (Unmarried)
49% Women over and not any kind of relationship.
Another study by found-
People under 30, who have never dated. 33% and not at all.

The Japan family planing association discover the 45%.
A women age of 16-24 will not interested in or despise sexual contact. Of all estimated 13 Million are unmarried. People in Japan who live with their parents.
Above 3 Million those above the age of 35.
The 40 roll of virgin is now real concept in Japan. A few people can related be a sex positively physically and the another way.

"But more people think prominent than do to consider their work and economic status to be strong efficiency".

How did the technology develop in Japan?


Japan is no match for creativity for this reason, Japan has such accomplishments- there are achievements of such technology that no on else has.
Whenever Japan is mentioned, the image of Japan in the mind of everyone is in the form of a country ahead of itself in terms of technology. Japan is counted among the most developed countries and there are fewer countries which can compete with Japan in terms of technical. Natural disasters such as earthquakes occur, the strength of technical strength is weakened, but still still Japan is a country where on average there are around 1500 earthquakes per year. But even the the homes and buildings here have been built using such technology that  earthquake has no effect on it.

In 1854, Japan established trade relations with the western countries. Japan's natural resources were required to process its growing industrial potential. with which it pressured Russia and China in 1904-05 in 1904-95. Japan defeated Russia in the war. This was the first time that any Asian nation has won against the European nation. Japan supported the axis nations in world war-2.  But in 1945, by surrendering Japan with nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States.
After this Japan reinforced itself in the economic situation. So far, Japan's name is considered to be one of the most preferred names in technical areas. Japan is the only country in the world on which had attacked of atomic bombs. As you would know that, US threw bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6-9, August, 1945.

Yet Japan has developed so much of technology in 73 years, which we can't imagine. Japan is at the forefront of the technical field. The speed and energy of developing technology in Japan is such that if there has been new changes in electronics and auto mobile, then it certainly has been in Japan.
Japan's space is a big part of the field of electronics, technology. It expense most of the budget for research in the field. More than 13 billion USD.

Researcher in Japan is around 6,07,731. Japan is the only country in Asia that has a lot of received the Nobel prize, which is the biggest sign of Japan's technology.

Japan is the only country in the world, with the largest international companies like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba. Japan's new chemicals are also found in the field or robotics, optics metal diet semiconductor.
Advance technology of Japan can be understood in this condition that more that half of the technology has robots. The fastest train in Japan is running at a speed of 581 km/hr.

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