Number portability (MNP) rule changed and new rules and precautions from rejection your application (TRAI).

Hello friends how are you all today in this blog i discuss about a security concern rule which is apply by Telecom regulatory Authority of India(TRAI).

What is new rule and what changes are take place(TRAI)?

Before 22 November 2018 all of process to get Subscriber Identification Module card(SIM CARD) are depend upon the UIDAI Aadhar card with biometric test with are starts with the new JIO telecom industry, it get very success because it is very easy and secure way to get sim this change of biometric was take place due to security purpose but nowadays it seems that it's also contain misuse because some people forcefully press the thumb of the another person and get the sim and misuse it while on verification call any person can tell details and start the sim card.
From 22 November the new rules are come in existence for get the MNP as well as new connections.

In this new rule did not need any biometric device, in this rule the retailer need any government issue document i.e Aadhar, voter ID, passport,pan card etc.
Retailer can click the pic of the document and upload to the corresponding telecom company and fill all of personal details manually.
After submission the pic of the customer will be upload.
In 24 hours customer get a verification text that tells all details verified or not, if any details mismatched and the customer need the submission of all of documents again.
If the document submitted successful then you need to do tele-Verification.
During the verification the alternative number which was you given to the retailer must be active to get otp.
Verification executive ask you this otp and after submission of OTP you will get your sim active.

Some factors which are responsible for rejection your applications:-

1:-Make sure that your documents must be original,zerox copy is not acceptable.
2:-Your photo in the document must be clear.
3:-In case of MNP all of personal details like your name or address must be same as the previous id which was you submitted.
4:-Your selfie must be clear and matched with the document pic.
5:-During verification call all of detail and OTP can be speak clear.

Hope above information find you helpful.

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