Why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Finally Decided to Get Married After Nearly 10 Years Together

 Why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Finally Decided to Get Married After Nearly 10 Years Together

If we know anything about relationships Hollywood its that they are not always red carpet selfies and sunshine we are unsure of another couple who knows that more Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth they have on on- again off- again relationship that spans nearly a decade. Today we are going to take a look at what all has happened between these Hollywood heavy hitters and what's next?
Now let's take a look at what let's take a look at what life looks for these two lovebirds it all went down on fateful summer in 2009.

The couple met on set

That's when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met in the most Hollywood rom-com way ever the two were the starts of the last song we're sure you remember the uber romantic film if not just know it's a Nicholas Sparks film. Couple easily fell head- over- heels as the months went on Miley and Liam grew closer and closer.

Miley even gave him a shout- out for being her best friend in Seventeen magazine interview later that year. Miley was crazy enough to friend zone a hunk like Liam but it didn't last very long the dating rumors were confirmed when the pair made their first red carpet appearance at the 2010 Oscars.

Spotted on red- carpet

Just a few months later they were spotted hand- in- hand at red carpet premier for the movie that Bromthsm them together while these two were really young when they met each other. It was hard to deny they seemed to be headed for the long haul.
During movie shoot spotted hand-in-hand

Especially since Miley still had her wholesome Disney good girl personality back them sadly it was not easy all breezy in couples first year by August of 2010 rumors of a split started circulating sources close to the work with their busy schedules they were spotted around town running grands and doing basic couples thing.
Couple together

But by late fall on 2010 it seemed like they were on an actual break the couple confirm they were taking time for themselves. But was really up this was the first clue that their might be a little trouble in with these too.

It was also a force warning for how the next few year of their relationship would pan out. While the pair ended up having ups and down. Between August 2010  and April 2011 it seemed like they had ignored out all the kinks by the spring in 2011. They confirmed, they were back together but decided to take it a little bit slower this time.
Suspicious sign of appear ring in hand for engaged
according to social sites

News ever, sadly the couple refused to acknowledge that they were potentially re- engaged. But it was hard to refute the evidence when photos popped up of Miley wearing a ring on her finger that looked eerily familiar.

Thankfully, they didn't leave us hanging for too long they were all over each other's social.  Media being lovey- dovey and cute remember that vehement tattoo.
Miley got that happens to me Liam's favourite condiment needles to say they were not very good at keeping their affection for one another under wraps.

Then by October of 2016 the was confirmed Miley and Liam were officially and headed down the aisle.
Well, headed down aisle eventually at least what proceeds for the next month seems straight out of Nicholas sparks novel the two can't help but show each other off on their social media feeds.

Liam's Post

Liam posted a birthday shout- out to Miley as she held a gift. He had wrapped the couple stepped out to art events red- carpet in the holiday with each other's family.

And 2017 was just as happy to lucky them Miley did what Miley does best and wrote a gorgeous song dedicated to the love of her life Liam.
Performance in Award

Now album showed us a softer side of Miley we had not seen in a while. She seemed more grown- up very in tune with her current relationship status when she performed the song at 2017 Bill Board Music Awards there was not a day eye in the crowed including Miley we love seeing the new evasion of the singer and it seemed at this paint. The two have learned to full back in love all over again. Thats precisely what she claims happened in several different interview the couple claimed different in interview. The couple claimed how their 2013 breakup is what said them.
Spotted with their fans

In end they were two different people going there separate ways they attributed their age being to factor and that they had to grow up and find themselves. Also claimed that they maintained a private friends while they were apart and had no idea they would actually come back together and we are so thankful, they did these days you can spot Liam and Miley doing exactly what every other named couple does they go out to eat they hang out with friendly.
Liam tell about their acting career

Liam has also kept busy with his acting career also of October 2018. He was on album a filming the Dixie Mafia Movie. Arkansa's Liam is a lead in the film slated to premier sometime in 2020.

So what's next for the couple marriage to the world fire that claimed their we are sure they are not even thinking about either of these things. Of we had to guess they are probably just trying to put the piece of their lives back together through before the fire they may have been headed that way according friend and family they talked about starting a family regularly in the past.

Miley and Liam were never quick plans of walking down the aisles but after nearly a decade together we are sure fans are ready to see them.
Already to their friends fans they happier then ever they even laughed the idea that their fans already think are secretly engaged considering they refer to each other has bond and wife around their close over it's not that big of a reach and just like in the past. It seems like the are still in no rush to become husband and wife despite already calling each other by these names well.
We can't sure what's exactly next for this adorable couple.

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