Is Really PUBG Game Banned & Hindi Story, Who has developed PUBG Game? (

Is Really PUBG GAME Banned?
 Humans do something to entertain themselves. Such as Radio,music and many different sports . Similarly, in today's time, a lot of entertainment is a great way for the people. That is video games! It has been very popular since its inception. By the way, if it was the first game in the world, then its name was Pong. Which came in October 1958. But after the passage of time, there has been a lot of changes in the game's interface and technology. And in today's time, we can play a lot of advanced and realistic games. Which we could never even think of in our dreams. And among these games, a game is not in a lot of discussion, which is called "Player Run Known's Battle Ground" (i.e. PUBG).
PUBG has won the hearts of people within a few months. And that is why PUBG''s popularity is peak. People around the world like to play PUBG on different platforms. If you don't know, then I will tell you, that 100 players in PUBG are thrown out on an Island through parachute. Fight till the end they have to face up with each - other. PUBG can take the player can either play alone or 4 also enjoy PUBG game by the team of players.
And then after landing, for their survival, they have to go to different homes to find weapons and other things. Which are used to fight the second player in a PUBG game. And at the end of PUBG, the currency is found which is based on the time of their surviving players in the game. In PUBG these currencies are used to but weapons and other things.This was the point of the game play. Now know how the PUBG game started? And who made it? Designer & Director)

The credit for developed a PUBG game goes to Brendan Green (Lead Designer and Director).Brendan was not a game designer since the beginning of his life. Rather he was an Island- born photographer, graphic designer and web designer and he was stay to in Brazil for own work.
But he loved playing games from the beginning DELTA FORCE: BLACK HAWK DOWN, AMERICAS'S ARMY like playing video games. He was very impressed playing the game one day. Ge was very impressed playing the game one day and then he ensured that he would make a career in web design.
In addition, these decisions were very inspire in a Japanese film named " Battle Royal".
Then Brendan learned a little game programming for web game design. After which he made a lot of changes by searching for many drawbacks in the game. In fact, Brendan wanted to make such a game that the player play to game so many times but as possible player's desire not fulfilled all the to play the game. And because of their very different thinking, Sony Online Entertainment company has joined him without consulting for the development of H1Z1 game.
However after the development of the game, he said goodbye to the company.

And another person with similar thinking of Brendan was, CHANG HAN KIM who had a game development company in South Korea. And the name of this game company "GINNO GAMES", which was later named BLUE HOLE in January 2015. And Chan Ham Kin was also thinking about making a Battle Game.
Then they started searching for the game. To begin with , they found out about Brendan Green. Then they called him South Korea and shared the concept of making their games and in this way, after a meeting with each other they, decided to work together on PUBG games in both of them.

Then one year deadline was set up to develop of PUBG game and 35 developers were starting to
develop this game in the beginning. But as the number of these increased, the number of them increased to 70. And in March 2017 the games's- Early Bita Access Program PUBG was lauched.

However, PUBG was published on December 20, 2017 to improve some of the drawbacks. And then again PUBG was launched in February 2018 for Android and IOS.
People like this can now enjoy the PUBG game in their phones too. However, since the launch, the PUBG become the most popular game of the day in a few
Note: Recently High court hasen't banned PUBG game in India.
Please beware of these types informations.

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