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Peoples in 14- 22 age do more likely to face a lot of acne problems. In most of the cases, the problems of acne can be seen in people of this age. Mostly it in on the face, on the shoulders, on the chest and arms too. Now there are some types of acne like pimples etc, but now the topic that I am covering today is of two types. If we talk about pimple then its does present pus and it is that which is red in the inflamed hard and produces a lot of heat. This is the second type of acne which does not contain pus.

Now, let's talk about why there is acne? there are pores in our body, when there is dust and oil production text inside our skin pores meant that, if the pores are blocked, then due to the production of dust and oil, which the exits on skin. You know that pus is available inside the acne, which is bacteria, is bacteria. But, many people pop it, press it, which causes many stains and scars came in on your skin. To well it, you should add some things on and to fix this, I' ll share with you the nutrition or ingredient in the diet.

1. Practice good care skin- First of all, you have to take care of your skin. Guys take care own skin very low, women definitely they do all time. But the guys do very little. But its very essential, its your skin, Guys!

2. Don't Smoke- the first point is to reduce the smoke, cut it. Its not okay for your skin. If your skin is sensitive, then your radials go inside your skin. Its not right for your skin. You have to save your skin and simultaneously your skin does seems aged, due to which the wrinkles come on the face. Therefore, if you smoke, then immediately cease completely. If your skin is sensitive, then.

3. Don't touch your face- Many people keep touching their face repeatedly, which are wrong. Avoid above our fingertip. Our hand touches a variety of things whole day and the dust that is on face and gets dust goes inside in our pores. Due to which it gets blocked from oil production and the chances of acne are also increased. So, don't touch hand on face and try to make sure your face wash all three times a day. If you have acne, don't pop it. Those who try to populate or remove acne, it is necessary that after the removal of acne, the pain which is, the information that is irritated, decreases it. Anyway, acne gets drowned in three to four days, it gets dead. Which is naturally but, if you have popped it  by yourself, then there is danger of Scabs but its gradually fades up. But still it takes 6 to 8 months. So avoid doing this and don't touch acne.

4. Face Wash- Keep face wash in the morning all the people wash out. But in the afternoon or in the evening there very few people wash of their face. Interms of those people which has acne so try that face wash, three times a day! Morning, Evening and before Bed.
Its very important to be clear of any seat that comes to your face. If the same sweat and dust stays on you then there is oil production in your pores then it' ll causes to make  acne. Which is not okay.

5. Use Cleanser- If you use soap, then it' ll be avoided because it contains the chemicals. If you have acne on your face then I would suggest that you use the good brand cleanser. Don't use scrub and others at all things. That's not okay so you don't use scrub in the problem of acne.
So there are some such things if you take care of those things, to fix your acne, then your problem will be solved.

now, been nutrition which I am sharing with you to add. You will have to add on nutrition to which your bacteria, heat and oil production will be cured. So now let's talk about fix your acne problem-

You need good diet, right diet. If you eat oily food all day then you have to take definitely attention. You have to cut down the artificial sugar. Oily packed food. Then you will definitely make your own, because then your body will very much oily flaky production. You have very much careful by eating junk because, your skin is junk sensitive.
Some are telling you the ingredient that which you should adding to your diet.

Zinc- First of all, I tell you why you should add zinc n your diet?
Zinc is high entire oxidant. The pus inside your body is made during acne. The bacteria, especially inside the skin, is formed in the form of dust and oil, it will not be make again after eat to zinc because the present in it is high entire oxidant, which will save the cells present in your body. That is the cells will remain protected and the bacteria, the virus will not cause much impact. You might add on ingredients and food if you want as shown by figure. In which has committed zinc present. Which should have your daily intake 15 mg.

Add Vitamin A- Normally, if you have acne, then it may also be due to lack of vitamin A. You are not taking Vitamin A enough and oil production is going on in the body. To reduce that, it is important to have vitamins in your body. Because its a high vitamin A inflammatory. Information is formed in the body which reduce to irritation, acne vitamin A and inflammatory are loaded inside in food and you need it. And this will reduce the oil production of your body. You can add the food shown in the picture to your diet. Which should be 4000mg every day and its international daily in take unit.
Therefore, you should add on vitamin A food in your diet. Because creams and lotion make the fascinate externally but nutrition makes you healthy, because and health internally.

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