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Difference between Love and Attraction

In today's time,  if we talk of love and attraction, then the value and value of love are nothing but the value of the attraction is in the millions. Yet people say that, true love is not found in today;s time. Today we will talk about what is the difference between true love and affection?
The biggest difference between these two is that when it comes to attraction, then how does it happen and what is the real nature of it? 

Attraction happens suddenly if a beautiful girl comes in front of you and suddenly you get charmed or hypnotized on cuddy beauty, it is a attraction. If there is a preference at first glance, then people call them first love of eye. But, maybe here also it may be that you did meet up in your whole life, which happened suddenly, is not only love but also a slight attraction. So when attraction happens then you feel that love has happened. It can happen that, while looking at you, you feel that you have fallen in love. But it can be only a few moments of attraction.

So it may happens that, maybe you like someone's eyes, hair or personality. That's why you are getting acquainted and attract from the other person. Attraction can either happen with you someone's eyes or with fascinate personality, the way of speak to them, as behavior you like.That is the reason, attraction is there and people understand it as love. In this entire process, you immediately know or feel that you have fallen in love. But in reality this attraction is not love. But when there is really love, you don't know very quickly that, you have fallen in love. Love is a way to feel gradually, with which you get attached completely. You will never realize that what is her preference? If you ever think of something about them, you will love all their things. Even you will find them good, bad things. This is a true love. If you see your shadow in that person, more then yourself, then its a true love.

The attraction is that gradually things start to decrease. That does not remain in the entire relationship. Because that's was just an attraction, but in love with you after relation the person feels more loved. The sooner the attraction becomes, the more quickly it gets over. If you have seen a pretty girl over, you will be attracted to someone else. But once you have true love one person becomes the most beautiful person in the world for you. After the attraction you can forget that person but after having love, its a most impossible for you to forget that person. Attraction is due to the mind and senses but true love is due to the heart. The wishes of the mind and the senses can be fulfilled after which the attraction ends. But if you want someone heart, the feelings of that person are connected with your lover, which never ends and this is a true love. 

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