I wish I knew this thing at 20's Age, so it wouldn't have happened

15 to 25 years of age are very important, what will be appropriate for them at this age, what will be inappropriate for current and future? But in this age, due to lack of accurate knowledge, they get distracted by their path and in such situations these conditions arise in their loves, that they have to face difficulties only at the earliest age, only due to they have in mind lack of knowledge, assay and adequately, feelings flow to another wrong way of direction because of not being patience and i don't seems so that someone can understand you better this thing without instead than to me, because my age is not so small that I can't understand you nor its not too big that I can't able to understand your generation.

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Today, I' ll share five things with you or they went on to regret all these things. Either because of the regret of the life of others, i wish someone had told me these things at the age of 20's. Or the people of the age of 20 went into happiness, that is God's blessing! That, we did all those things at the age 20's, so i am happy today. Anybody who did not take care of those things at the age 20's is still troubled or being struggle. Everyday, they digs source of water and drink the water, if we know according to an example, then. Therefore, today I am sharing such five things with you, whether you are school, teenage, early 20's, starting a new career, this five things are very important for you. No Regrets, Only happiness!

1.Sexual Desires- There are sexual desires, fantasies and attractions in this age. Its not wrong to come, but that, stay to flow with these thoughts, this is wrong. Even observe your time, then you will know how long we are unfamiliar from their time. We don't know that how much time are being wasted in these things. People often see the phone and see the message that the message of your lover came or not. How much peoples are being wasted their time to someone;s waiting. The whole night ends on phones and social sites. We don't have any idea of all things. Now, what is point? Either make your mind weak or make your mind stronger. In this age because this is the age in which you can make your own yourself positive or negative. If you have the knowledge of the right time that, this time is for other things and this time is for your own, My own career.
If your brain is in your control then this is the only chance that you have to weaken or strengthen the brain. If you fully trained your mind then it will gives full advantages in life. If you learn to control the mind, then understand you do manage the time and if you have learned to manage the time, then understand you do managed your life.

2.Being clearity in your life- Many people are like those who don't understand that they want to achieve in their life. Often people are advised to follow the paths, despite not having their will and later he reaches such a situation, from where they started their future. Which is why it is useless when thinking about how long and motivated by the wrong things to move towards them and worst the own time. If you cannot figure out what you want in your life, you will get what you don't want. Therefore, free your confusion and doubt from your life.

3. Learn to accept refection- You will have to face many problems to achieve anything in your life. But people will have to understand this thing its too late and they they are disturbed. Whoever you have exposed to that will get refection in life that;s is life of part on that day you will understand your life and yourself. Whenever there is a refection in this stage, the result was found, or something like this happened in life, or something happened that you did' nt expect, then we lose our emotions, confessions, self steem. We make and image in our minds and live through the same image thorough out life.
I understand your emotions, Feelings. But I want to tell you that, everyone gets rejections that everyone meets. Everybody face rejection but as soon as possible learn that, rejection this is life of part. We have to learn and go ahead, the sooner you will get life easier.

"Life doesn't get better with time, 
we become stronger as time passes".

4. Learn to save money- In the fourth habit, I fell this lack of myself that i wish, i had to adopt this habit at the age of 20's. Nut now, I realized! that, " Saving is a habit".
Which can start from any amount. If you getting pocket money of 100 rupees, then think about saving 10 rupees and expense 90 rupees.  so put this habit to you.
Otherwise, Salary will not be retracted when you feel that you will be able to save. If you have habit then saving will continue. Therefore, make a rule that I will put it in persistent savings, after which I will expense the remaining amount. I will also plan to spend my expenses. Then both your income and savings will increase. Learn that-

"If you save Money;
Money will save you".

5. To be Honesty- If we have take an example,
If the would's most scandal is man and he has to keep a manager for himself, then who will he choose to be corrupt or honest?
Obviously! Honest.
If the world's terrorist is also hiring someone for himself or for the team then that corrupt person will choose tomorrow or honest, Definitely! Honest, its naturally.
This shows that how honesty is the big thing and quality.
Honesty doesn't start with  others. Unless we are honest with the others. Honesty starts with you and this honesty is dependent on others. This one day work is not a continuous effort. Its is a process. Keep yourself honest. If you are always with yourself, with your work and with others, after all, whether there is a profit or loss in life but also that always makes smily in your face.

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