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7 Ways to Boost Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Count

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Hello, Friends! Welcome all of you once again today I have come back with a new topic and I’m going to tell you that how to increase your Sperm Count in body. If you like the post please comment on the below and don’t forget to subscribe “About Fitness” on where you will get always new post related to Fitness. So let’s start the topic-

How to fast increase sperm especially in Boys, as you would know that our sperm count should be about 40 million. Which is very large number. If you sperm count is less than 40 million so it means that, this is the number of a lower sperm. So, today we will especially know, what to eat and what things we should avoid to eat, etc. we will cover all these topics today.
So I want to tell that whenever we talk about “Male Fertility” then sperm count is all about men. Nowadays people’s sperm count has been reduced and there are also some other reasons, which talk to you about today and what is going on it. In terms of baby planning. If you are planning a baby or thinking about next generation, then you should know that, what the number of sperm and this post is about that. If you are young you should know buddies that baby then you should know that sperm count is okay. If talk about in today’s date, then 40% are men, who have the Men Fertility problem cause of which babies does not born and 60% could be other reasons, could be female involve, that’s why, this is not the reason, if the baby plan is not happening then there is a problem of women. 40% of the men is also included. Although its complete inclusion, 40% of men have shortage of sperm count. Let’s talk about the topic. 40 million count required and how you have to know that, what is your sperm count? You gotta laboratory or go to hospital and do your sperm count test. As you must know that what’s your sperm count. Apo this post is about this, how to you can more increase of you sperm count.
Let’s talk about Reproductive System-
As you know that sperm count is all may Reproductive System and there are 3 topics are prominent.
ü Quantity
ü Quality
ü Motality
Quantity- just now told you what your volume should be. You sperm count should be approximately 40 million. If the number of you sperm is 39 million then “Reproductive System” will now work as much. The number of sperm with less than 40 million means problem of Men Fertility. Which is nothing worth any. So make sure that your sperm count is enough. Now let’s talk about why the sperm count is so low? There could be many reasons for this, such as anxiety, your routine and some other reasons.

Quality- if your sperm quality good. Then also quality should be perfect. Now it is worth noting that, 4% of your quantity should also be good for your sperm quality is, it meant how’s the structure of sperm? And your percent of the sperm quality should be good, in from sperm quantity. It meant of the Over Head of sperm and the size of the tail should be in proper shape. As you can see the given diagram above. Which is too good. If you found out in the test that the head of sperm is big, smaller its tail is not of the usual type or if are two tails, it meant that, the quality of your sperm is not hood and it entire means, with Quantity, Quality does prominent the quantity.
Let’s talk about Motality-
Motality mean, How’s sperm moving? If sperm moving, is not in Forward Direction, then this does not mean that Motality of the sperm is not good. As you can see in the given picture. During intercourse when you infect weight and that the, how’s moving sperm to work in egg. Therefore, sometimes the sperm is no able to reach egg due to poor quality. Now note that-
Quantity 40 million, Quality 4% and Motality should be 40% good. Then its call, good male Reproductive System. Then there will be no issue about fertility at all. If you checked your sperm count test and you found that your sperm is less than 40 million sperm, you wanna get work for it and you should be working on it to increase sperm count in right way.
Best way to Produce healthy sperm, let’s talk about Prequick-
Friends, this is recommendation sight from AboutFitness. Unless you see have health and condition. Under which we are making some minor changes. But, I don’t think so you have serious health and condition unless you have a serious health condition then please consult the doctor. Its not an sperm count maybe you have serious medical condition. Then you have to mind it.
Add Multivitamins- Multivitamins are very essential. Add food vitamin C and E. so you can add . That’s gonna help to you improve to produce more sperm.

Sperm Boosting Food- you gotta eat more Bananas by eating banana, your libido will grow. Which is essential and your motality flow would be better. So that is you need to make it sure motality. Its should be moving for it.
Add on this- Garlic, Walnuts, Egg, Broccoli your sperm quantity, quality and motalty would be good.
More entire Oxygen Food- You gotta eat more entire oxygen food good to protect free reticle. It does also helps you.
Manage Stress- You have manage stress, nowadays everyone is worried. Physical anxiety, anxiety about health, worry of kids, job related anxiety. So these all things make increase your Cortisol hormone. Therefore, to avoid this, do physical activity such as cardio, workout etc. Do rope keeping at home they helps so you want you these reduce to the stress hormone level. When your stress hormone drop down than the your Quantity, Quality and sperm count is increase.
Protect your Fertility-
When you smoke, then it affects the sperm count. So its my first advise. Its first thing is fertility. If you want to protect your fertility then you have to reduce that out it down smoke. Its kills your sperm count.
Alcohol- If you drink more alcohol or beer two times in the week- thrice or even in the day, these main causes also cause fertility. Therefore, to avoid fertility, alcohol, beer will need to be dropping.

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