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Kim Kardashian
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Kanye and Kim are buying their entire block.

It seems that Kanye and Kim are trying to buy their entire block. Couple bought a new house and property in their own backyard. He allegedly bought a house and lost it, which is adjacent to his existing mansion in Hidden Hills.

The 3-bed, 3-bath mini-mansion was built in 1957, and sits at 1.5 acre lot. The stars have gradually expanded their $ 60 million property, including the construction of a huge pool in the backyard, so it is likely that they bought a home for their big pad.

The newly purchased house was formerly authored by late writer and screenwriter Richard Matheson, who famously wrote "I'm Legend", as well as 16 episodes of "Twihit Zone", famous and "Nightmare of 20,000 Feet".

Coincidentally, the couple got back support from Condo's $ 14 million, in the beginning of this week, Kim bought Kim for Christmas. Now they are looking for a new place in the Bahamas.

The current West-Kardashian mansion already has a 2-story playroom, gym, basketball court, full salon with a beauty salon, facial and massage room and a music recording studio. There is also a full-size movie theater.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities, whose  has millions fans. Everyone are keep good thoughts about her that's why she always passionate for her lovable fans. In whole countries people have try hard painstaking get one glimpse of her. Which makes her the world's top #2 in the category of five in American Personality.After that, she has become more beloved of the people.

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