Billion People Around the World Started Celebrating Chinese (Lunar) New Year Beginning of Year of the Pig |

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chinese (lunar) new year
In Bangkok, actors dressed as pigs to celebrate Lunar New Year

Over one billion people around the world have started celebrating the beginning of the lunar year and the beginning of the year of pig.

In China, which means that millions of people have traveled to their hometown, in the largest annual human migration.

Also known as Spring Festival, Lunar New Year is celebrated by countries throughout Asia.

Fireworks, special clothes, red lanterns and many food items will mark this occasion.

Pig is one of the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac, it is considered a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm and hard work.
chinese (lunar) new year
This year's celebration will be a pig's specialty, such as the establishment of this giant pig in Hong Kong

In China, millions of people are traveling in the form of the world's largest annual human migration.
State media say that during the 40-day period, nearly three billion passengers will travel by plane, tan and car.
It is a public holiday at many places with ethnic Chinese populations like Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The festival is known as wait in Vietnam and Seoul in South Korea, and traditionally it is time to live with the family.

In a speech at the Great Hall of the People, on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese people everywhere.

Wadnesday, Hong Kong leader CY Leung also gave a message of his leave, told last year to be full of conflict and urged citizens to "like sheep".

At the end of last year, the pro-democracy movement mobilized crowds on roads, blocked parts of the city and deeply divided the public's opinion.

Various groups came together to demand their right to pick their own leader, without selecting which candidates can stand for election.

"Leung said that the sheep and goats are seen in a peaceful and harmonious animal living in groups."

chinese (lunar) new year
In the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the artists revived a royal sacrifice ritual
chinese (lunar) new year
Every year, millions of people in China go home for family reunion
In crowded trains or on highways with jam, it can take hours or even days of travel
This American establishment, which is called "a golden year", has been erected at the Hong Kong shopping arcade
Buildings like Sydney Opera House were lit with red lights to celebrate New Year's entry
A diver at the SeaWorld Marine Park in Jakarta takes children on the eve of the Spring Festival
It is also pork in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
In Bali, Indonesia, dancers perform "liong" in a temple

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