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Anything that happens in online data happens in bytes, Bitcoin likewise.

Mean Bitcoin is a virtual, crypto currency. Anyone who is involved in mining and transacting for anything in the world of the internet, It's a Bitcoin.
Bitcoin has no physical meaning that you can't see it, you can't keep it with you. Just as you can keep The Rupee or $ (dollar) physical. Physically you can't see Bitcoin in the same way and nor you can't not keep it and look or touch. Because it's a completely anonymous.

The way Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in our country. That's produce currency, keeps accounting on that behalf and keeps track of currency flows, that is an identity. But Bitcoin has no identity and no body makes it.
Bitcoin virtual, crypto currency in the world of the internet, which is spreading rapidly in the last 3-4 years. You can do all the same transaction from Bitcoin which you do with the normal posture, but there Bitcoin should be acceptable on that place. If you have a credit card, debit card will be acceptable, then you will be able to use it. Otherwise, No!
There is Bitcoin in the same way , whatever the stabilized service, online, provider if those accepts Bitcoins then you can use it.

How will Bitcoin take? What is Bitcoin Eco-system? How Bitcoin does work?

Bitcoin is a simple address. Every person who has Bitcoin can generate the address or you can also have multiple addresses. Like your email address, Bitcoin has an address.
But, it's a 26 to 35 characters and starts from 1 or 3. You deposit money, put checks and use them, they withdrawn from your bank account or get deposited.  Bitcoin doesn't have such a similarity in it's pair to pairs mean 2 bitcoin addresses from a Bitcoin address, it can give and send the Bitcoin other address.
The biggest thing in it is that there is anonymity in which there is a Bitcoin address. When giving the Bitcoin, it doesn't seem to know which person you are giving a Bitcoin to. So people does scare. That is the reason that by the government side the use of Bitcoin is not allowed. Because it's completely anonymous for which black money resources run on it.


Bitcoin so fame how happened?

Crypto currency had been long before. But for the past few years, the cost of Bitcoin has increased it's price according to the first.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The price was very low and people very little investment in this.

If you search on google for "Bitcoin 2010" then you will get to see it in some cents. which gradually, means a Bitcoin in today's time. 1 Bitcoin= 256,021.30 Indian Rupee
It's due to which the value of Bitcoin is very high in today's time.

Satoshi Nakamoto, which introduces Bitcoin isn't identified. It's a matter of fact that a big company may also be associated with this name, which started Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto while writing Bitcoin, he also wrote an article. It's FAQs in which under he explained that, how can Bitcoin be used, how does it work and what is it? Special mention about all these things. You can also go to the official website of Bitcoin and read article or see the picture shown.

With Bitcoin you have to take care pf two things.

Public Key & Private Key

The Public Key like those people user name. If we have Bitcoin's Public key then we will be able to send money. But Private Key will be required to send money.

Bitcoin's work time doesn't see, to know each other's name, address and how much money it is. Basically, it's extremely secure & Private. This is a lot of complex but you can escape from this complex city. If you have to take Bitcoin, buy or sale, then there are wallets and exchanges for this.
Exchanges gives the tool that will get a form for transaction. With whom you can transact on adding the address. So there are such small- simplified tools.
wallet, it keeps the information of your Bitcoin. Like keep money in wallet in Paytm. Similarly in Bitcoin. Which can transact and buy.
Wallet and Exchanges are for us. Ordinary people like you remember to deal with Bitcoin, enough!
You have found whichever information this article or told it after that let's tell that Bitcoin is still illegal.

"If you wanna, you could invest in Bitcoin;
But, i'll never suggest you because it's completely insecure. If the government has banned it, thee is harm and insecure in it.
Therefore, in any country there is a restriction on the work of the country.
Ultimately, investing the currency on Bitcoin in the right ways is completely risky and unsafe."

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