13 Best listed Aerobic Exercises and Why Aerobic Exercise is so important?

 Aerobic Exercises

Affecting Aerobic Exercises value & Causes, Why is so important? 

Aerobic (Cardiovascular) Exercise - the ability to take and use body oxygen to supply energy throughout the body
Muscular fitness - muscle strength and endurance
Flexibility - the ability to move the joints and pull the muscles completely through its normal range of motion
Anatomy - the amount of adipose tissue in relation to other tissues in the body
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Aerobic (or cardiovascular)Exercises is one of the most important components of overall in physical Aerobic Exercises in fitness life

It shows the amount of oxygen in the blood pumped by the heart and is transported to working muscles,

Also the muscular efficiency in using that oxygen.

When you are working hard, your physical metabolism increases. When rising energy demands have to be faced, your body eventually reaches a limit for the consumption of oxygen / sharp (represented in VO2). At this point, VO2 reaches its peak value referred to as aerobic capacity, or maximum oxygen uptake (maximum aerobic power, VO2max).

Increasing your aerobic fitness means increasing your cardiovascular and cardiovascular system, doing your most important work, supplying oxygen and energy to your whole body.

The best way to improve your aerobic fitness is through activities that put the body's large muscle groups to work dynamically - for example, walking, jogging, running, swimming, skating, cycling, stairs Climbing and cross-country skiing
Although your exercise habits have a great effect on your aerobic fitness, it is also related to age, gender and heredity. Maximum fitness costs are between 15 and 30 years of age, progressively decreasing with age. With a sedentary lifestyle, VOmax decreases by 10% every decade-but if you maintain an active lifestyle, you can reduce that number by 5% every decade.

Top Listed Aerobic Exercises at Home. You can ever do..

Let's face it, we keep three steps in the gym to lose weight, so that extra fat can be flushed around the stomach and calories burned. But, most of us find it difficult to take the time at least three times a week to go to the gym. An equally effective alternative is doing aerobic exercise within the comfort zone of your home, given that, you follow a strict and strict routine.
Aerobic exercise is fat burning exercise, because they use excess fat over carbohydrate to make you energized during exercise. You can see the visible benefits within a month. They strengthen your cardiovascular health, increase stamina, reduce anxiety and depression and increase your energy. Below is a short list of top aerobic exercises that you can practice at home to lose weight and take your fitness journey to the next level. Apart from these 13 exercises.

1. Skipping

Studies show that many calories can burn 450 calories by practicing for 45 minutes. It works on the muscles of your shoulders, calves, glutes and quads.

Keep your feet apart from the shoulder width and hold the rope handle firm firmly. Turn the rope over your head and jump the rope, like the front of your feet. To go faster, you may have to do some exercise, which comes with regular practice.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack is a total physical exercise that mainly focuses on your quads. In lower degree, it also affects your shoulders, stomach, waist, calves, lower and upper back, hamstrings and external thighs.
Stand upright with your feet and hands should be with your thighs. Now, spread your legs simultaneously over your head and spread the arms. Go back to the normal position. 30 minutes of jumping jacks can help you shed 200 calories. However, continuing it can be a challenge and monotonous. Thus, break them in three sessions of every 10 minutes and take a 5-minute break in between.

3. Stair Training

This aerobic exercise mainly targets your calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads. In addition to tone your lower body, it enhances the stamina of your cardiovascular system. Move up and down the stairs for 15-20 minutes at a constant speed. Gradually increase the time to 30 minutes and speed up your speed faster.

4. Butt Kicks

This exercise works on your hamstrings and glutes. Keep your feet apart from the shoulder width and tilt your arms towards the sides. Turn your right knee around like you are jogging and touch your butt with the right ankle. Repeat with the other leg. Slow down the speed until you complete it. Complete 1-minute set of 2 or 3, 30 seconds.

5. Mountain Climber

The exercise that works on the primary muscles is Abs, Glutes, Hips and Leg. Get in a high plank position with your core tight. Now, bring your right knee towards the center of your stomach and quickly switch to the left foot. Start at a slow pace and gradually increase it. Set 1-2 to 8-10 repetitions. It is necessary to properly align your body during this exercise.

6.Beer Crawls

This exercise strengthens your entire body and increases the muscle strength. It enhances your metabolism and improves heart health. Bend down on your feet and hands, knees slightly curved, but with your back flat. Walk in this position with your right foot and left hand, then move the left foot and right hand forward. It caters to a repetition. Practice 2-3 sets of 20-20 iterations.

7. Burpees

Grapes are intense full body exercises that increase your blood circulation, heart rate, strength and flexibility. Separate your feet from the shoulder width and come to the position of the squat. Bend forward to keep your palms in front of your feet and drag your legs backwards to a plank position. Immediately, return to the squat position and jump. Practice 3-5 sets of 8-15 iterations of each.

8. Squat Jacks

This exercise works very well on your lower body and improves mood and stability. Stand up with your feet and hands with your thighs. When you sit in the squat position lift your legs up and spread Push through high heel shoes and jump back up and return to the initial position. Set 1-2 to each 8-15 repetition.

9. Inchworm

This exercise gives warm-up to your body completely. It strengthens your arms, chest, upper and lower back, and stomach. Keep your feet apart from the shoulder width Bend your waist and touch your hands on the floor. Proceed your hands to get a plank position. Once you are in a plank position, take your feet towards your hands and stand up. Practice 2-3 sets of each 10-15 repetition.

10. High Kness

Keep your legs straight with the shoulder width. Raise your knees to the waist level and slowly lower your feet. Repeat with the other leg. It completes one cycle. Exercise high knees burn more calories and increase metabolism. Set up every 30-second practice as long as you can manage help comfortably.

11. Donkey Kicks

This exercise mainly works on glutes and hips. Get down on all sides that your hands are under your shoulders and your knees are aligned with your hips. Hit your right foot in the air and bring it back slowly. Repeat with the left foot. Complete 3 sets of 15-20 iterations.

12.  Crokscrew

Corkscrews mainly work on the abs and skew. Lie on your back and tuck your hands under your butt for support (if necessary). Raise your feet straight to the ground while sucking your navel. Keeping your feet together, make a full rotation with your feet. Ensure that your abs are tight in the whole exercise.

13. Box Jumps

To do this exercise you will need a bench or a strong box. Choose a box with a height equal to your mid-calf, if you're doing it for the first time. Place your feet in front of the box with shoulder width. Now, fold your knees, tilt your arms, and lightly get on the box. To go back, just retreat one leg at a time.
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