Tesla Model Y | Photo, Video & Elon Musk reacted in tweeted, Model Y unveil event will be on March 14th

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Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Sunday that Tesla will unveil its long-awaited model Y on March 14. This program will be held at the company's LA Design Studio.

According to Musk's tweets, the model is about 10% larger than the model Tesla 3, but the battery limit is slightly lower. In a January letter to Tesla's shareholders, Musk said that the model will be cheaper to make Y, because it shares its 75% components with Model 3. He also said that high volume production of the car will start at the end of 2020.
Tesla Model Y

Musk teased the model Y for the first time in the 2015 tweet, which was quickly removed. Model Y model 3 and Tesla's big SUV will split the difference between model X, which will give the company a foothold in the crossover SUV business, which has proven attractive in the entire industry.

After tweeting in February, it was confirmed that after tweeting in February, the security and exchange commission comes after the announcement of the disclosure mask of Model Y during the investigation of their activity on Twitter. This January was with the shareholder letter, which stated that Tesla would produce 360,000 to 400,000 cars this year. According to the SEC, the tweet violated an agreement with Musk, when he claimed that he had received a deal to take Tesla private.

You can not buy a model Y yet, but you can ride in one: Musk said that the test ride will be included in the launch on March 14.
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