Spain’s new cabinet is majority female. Here’s how affectable on it.

Here's how usual is that, Spain new cabinet is majority female

New leader of Spain made history.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appointed 10 female cabinet members out of 16. The country's new socialist government is the first woman to claim more women's cabinet than men. Socialist spokesman cabinet configuration "follows the word given by the prime minister, in which women and men are with long and distinguished careers."
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"It's a responsible government that very well represents the future of Spain and Spain," he told La Sexta TV.
Spain’s new cabinet is majority female
The ministers of the new government of Spain took the oath of office on Thursday in the 7th, with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, seventh from the left and King Felipe VI from the center in the La Zarzuela castle of Madrid. (JJ Gulen / AFP / Getty Images)

Sánchez's cabinet is unusual in Spain and around the world. Though women are part of almost half of the world population, but they hold 23 percent of seats in national parliaments, 11 percent in 1995. In nearly 40 percent of the countries, women constitute less than 10 percent of elected parliaments according to 2017. Study of the United Nations is not women in four countries, national offices.

Less than 30 women are prominent and head of Government. And when it comes to cabinet posts, women do not give any better rent. In 2017, 18 percent of all cabinet ministers were women.

This event plays in the United States, which struggles with female representation across the board. Compared to the United States, more than 100 countries have more women in their assemblies. One challenge is that the United States claims relatively strong incompatible rates. About 90 percent of the Congress run away for reunion, and almost all of them win - meaning it is difficult to change men with women.

The most dangerous: the American women are less likely to run for office than women in other countries. Citing the research of the inter parliamentary union:
Women constantly underestimated their ability and considered themselves as different from those who had almost identical credentials. Women also considered the election campaign more difficult and there was less chance for anyone - whether they are friends or party officials - encourage them to make political offices. Perhaps the biggest way from the study of Lawless and Fox is this: The potential female candidates were 15 times more likely than men to have a majority of child care, and the probability of managing most homework was six times higher. With those types of obligations, who have time to run the office?
It is not better for women at the executive level. Twenty percent of the senior-level cabinet jobs of trumpes are with women. This is a minor departure from President Barack Obama's cabinet, where one-third of those seats were filled by women. Which ends with the pictures like this:
Spain’s new cabinet is majority female
From the right, National Security Advisor John Bolton, Defense Secretary Jim Matisse and State Secretary Mike Pompeo participate in a meeting with Vice President Pence, President Trump and General Secretary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jane Stoltenberg. (Andrew Herrer / Bloomberg News)

However, the Trump Cabinet does not look different from the Cabinet of 20 member countries, including two women leaders: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May.
Spain’s new cabinet is majority female
Members of the G-20 gathered in July with other leaders of the world

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