What is my Local IP/ Global IP/ Statics IP/ Dynamic IP? Complete Analysis

What is my IP?

Today, we are about to discuss, What is Local IP/ Global IP.
People think that, they all become confused, after all, what their my IP? 

Because if you write and IP context by going to the command brand,  you get an IP and search on Google on the internet, then there is some other IP. Then how to find this my real IP, how get know?
What is my IP?
Shown IP Address IPv4 version
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An IP means, Internet Protocol!
Like your phone has a number, so that the identity is that the phone belongs to a typical person. The same mobile number cannot be 2nd the same in a country, because it has different identity.
Similarly, the person surfing the internet has a different IP, which is why they are identified.

What does the Internet Protocol (IP) look like?

This is a number. For example:- as you can see in the picture given below and this is the IPv4 version, which is usually used. It's divided into 4 parts in three- three digits.
What is my IP?
Shown connected devices by local network

Now, IP address is local and also happens on the Internet

Talk about the network-

Network can be at your home and also on the Internet. Connecting a lot of things with one thing creates a network. Which is simple.
Suppose that, you access the internet and that modem also has wifi, so it's not necessary that any device in a modem is connected. 5-10,15 devices might be also connect. In such a situation, there should be an identity of different devices. Now we don't talk about the internet, just talk about the local network.

In this case, if 15 devices are connected then it's necessary that each device has an IP address, only then your system or modem will be able to know that which device is it?
Although the Mac address also pays a role in it, but the IP address is given to different identities on the network except for a Mac address. 
Whether the network is local or you are on the internet.

Then your modem has small network in you home and all the devices in that network will have a separate IP and will be called a local IP. Because that's your own virtual local network. It's IP Internet Provider will not be available. Instead, your modem will  provide the system. This topic was about Local IP.

Now, What is My IP on Internet?

This is also something similar, because it's also a network.

you know that, there are so many users on the Internet, then each user should have different identification. In order to know what identity of all the net surfing persons.

So for this, there are network provider assign separate IP address, which is you identity on the Internet.

Now, it's also IP Statics and also Dynamic 

Dynamic means, it changes on some intervals. Let's assume-
if my IP is "A" then maybe in next half hour I mightily get "B". Either i can have receive my IP "C" after 3-4 days.
So, Dynamic IP keeps changing for you.
Now, You will ask me, Oh! IP keeps changing, so does our identity change? 
Not at all! System of network provider has complete database.

Suppose, 4 is date and on that day there is illegal activity by a particular person and your IP trace started. When you did that activity, your IP was start from 55 but now your IP has 33 something, so will  you survive?
Not at all! Network provider will check in which time IP address was assigned to the person by provider on that date, your name will be appear there and your records will be available to police. Because of which the person will be caught.
That's why Dynamic IP doesn't say that you or any person will be saved.

What is My Statics IP & Why it use?

Many people play multi player online games, they have to enter their IP because they are their IP identities. Only then will they connect to network and will be able to differentiate the program.

If you put your IP and you're playing game. Person is that, maybe your IP will change after 30 minutes, then your game will stop in middle while playing game. 
Now, every time your IP us changing in 30 minutes, will you keep putting in it half  hour?
Then, When you will play?

Such situations require statics IP. Statics IP remains constant for which you have to pay more money. If you go India, normally you will have to pay more charges. Which is quite costly. Because your provider has to keep giving a proprietary IP. Their system has to pay attention, they charge one.
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