The Final Battle Game of Throne Season: 8 premiered now started 14th April.

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The eighth and final season of the Game of Thrones premiered on April 14, 2019 After all, fans are finally able to find out the fate of John Snow, Denis Targarian and Westrosi.

Game of Thrones will be broadcast every Sunday night until the conclusion of the series on May 19. Until then, fans are telling how the show will end - and who will win the Iron throne.

Here we know everything about Season 8 till now.

What is the time of the Game of Thrones?

It is broadcast at 9 p.m. EST on HBO in the US, and U.K. At 2 pm, Sky Atlantic is being offered this year as part of Transatlantic Simulcast.

What happened in Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 8

"With the Night of the Seven Kings" was another dialog-heavy, table-setting episode, because everyone in Winterfall was ready for the impending siege of the city's white walkers.

Jaime Lannister was met with suspicion when he reached Winterfield and announced that he had defeated his sister Cersei. But after the fasting for her integrity, she liberated her; Jaime made the knight, made one of the poorest and uplifting moments of the show back and favored it.

Denis tampered with two Stark siblings: Sansa (on the issue of Northern Freedom) and John (after giving his true identity, who claimed him the Iron throne).

The on made a comeback and pledged to protect Brock Starck, who is hoping for a visit from Knight King during the Battle of Winterfall. Arya got a weapon from Gandi; The couple consumed their long-standing crush for each other. Podrik sang a hymn, "Jenny's song."

Many characters exchange their farewell before the war, from Gray Worm to Minneandi, from Hound to Zora till Bryan to Sam, it was not difficult to think that many of them would be saying goodbye for good.

What happened in the Premier of Game of Thrones Season 8?

The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8, their joint team in John, Denneries and Winterfall, started to prepare for the war against the dead, a development in which many long-awaited reconciliation between fan favorite characters. After being apathetic about Saphfa and Tyrian's assassination of Zoefrey, John and Aryey shared an emotional moment in Godwood, and agreed to make Gendry Arya a new draggunal weapon.

As it was estimated by fans, John finally ridden his father's name, Dragons Rehag, and Bran spent most of his episode, stared at people in the courtyard of Winterfall, while "waiting for an old friend" - aka jayime

In the meantime, Knight King and his army were busy sending a message to the young Ned, leaving the dead body of Uber on a wall and was surrounded by a spiral of serious limbs for Tormond, Berrick and Doloras ed to discover the Last Heart. .

And last but not least, John finally realized that he was the true son of the Roger Tarrarian and Leya Stark, and neither did Keidd Stark's bastard as he grew up to believe. Unfortunately, this means that John is not only related to denariis but also the real heir of the Iron throne, this discovery is likely to throw a gap to his budding romance.

See the second episode promo below Season 8

When we learned from the official Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer, it came out.

In the preview of two minutes, all about living and dead people was about to build the final shutdown, which was about to expel Bastard's fight from the water. All eyes were resting on a wounded Arya Starck, and in another important shot, a uncut saw Arya was in the hand with the dragons' skirt in hand. Another revelation? Tormand and Berick live! And most interestingly, Danny and John travel to Drogan and Reggae, speculating that John's father might have time to ride a dragon in the name of John. (And in premiere, this happened)
Watch the full trailer below.

Game of Throne season:8 final
In the poster of the Game of Throwning Season 8, a dragon is shown sitting on the iron throne. Game of Thrones Season 8 Poster

How about those new games season 8 Thrower of Thrones?

With just a few days to go to Season 8 premiere, HBO dropped two new promos, "together" and "survival", as well as a new teaser for the promotion of fans for Game of Thrones, "Aftermath " returned back. Although the two promos were shown to a large extent in the sequel, which we had already seen in the Season 8 trailer - except for the moments before John and Arya, the reunion is finally done again - according to HBO in TBO Do not show footage.

Instead, it shows a glimpse of the turban of Queen Pin, the needle of Arya sword, the feather of laneya, the wheelchair of the bran, the golden hand of jam, the Dragon Chain of the Danneries and the snowstorm rocks of Winter, What is probably pointing to our arrival? The hero failed to defeat the Knight King
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