Steroid taken in guidance may prove to be helpful but Steroids taken bt themselves are harmful. Get so know about Steroid: side effects & complications

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Steroid side effects

Today's topic is very important topic

Whats the difference of Steroid and Supplement are they same or different?

This is what I am going to tell you its big confusion on our India Steroid and Supplements. These are two different things. That's why I am going to discuss this topic.
Steroid vs Supplements
So let tell you difference first things that are no similarness in there. The big difference in there is Steroid is a drug.
Supplement is a dietary product.

Let me explain-
Steroid is illegal drug without doctor or medical professional recommendation this drug can't be taken. It's a dangerous drug and has so many side effects.
Everyone know the side effects of Steroid. I don't need to tell you I guess and about the benefit i don't need to tell either.
If there are some benefits but on the other side lots of disadvantages first thing is-

Why do you need a Steroid?

That's should be the first question. If you are really young and your body already producting hormone testosterone you don't need any kind of drug.
At certain age, doctor or medical professional recommend you need to certain amount of drugs so hat, your organs or hormones especially hormones level are not working then you need certain amount of drug to make sure your reproductive system should work properly but this could be done by the doctor after the proper checkup.
This is no drug almost ban is 90% countries. Some countries provide it over the counter, which is really bad. It won't be taken without the recommendation of doctor.


Supplements are dietary product Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. These are the 5 important macro or micro nutrients. Which you need then in your daily life for which your body works properly your body function properly which is important. 
Micro or Micro nutrients you consume in your daily diet life at breakfast, lunch, snacks so your body gets macro or micro nutrients that's why you are active and doing work.
Now, what happens actually, lot of people have the deficiency, lot of people don't get Macro or Micro nutrients through diet.
Then their body gets deficiency because they didn't get that nutrient so our body work properly through out the day. That's why its important to get Macro or Micro nutrients through diets first thing is through diet.
Now not everyone has the perfect diet someone misses some nutrients in diet. Slowly month by month 1,2,3 months 1-2 years your body gets deficiency of that particular nutrient with that your body part or organ become weaker because you didn't provide that nutrient for last so many years. 
So that way you get deficiency. when your Doctor or Nutritionist does your checkup and tells you have a deficiency certain nutrient and you have to add in hour diet. Then you add it on your diet.
Now let's me tell you little bit about the deficiency 
People who have weak bones and teeth then it you have a deficiency of calcium. If your eye sight is weak lot of people who can see for or close that's Beta- carotene and vitamin A deficiency. So that why your Nutritionist present trainer  recommends your according to the deficiency. 
Drug is totally a medical field drug means medicine, means science, medical science totally different field.
Let me tell you that which you already know
Our Indian people have protein deficiency. They protein intake in diet is very low 20% or less. That much low protein intake your muscles will be weak and your immune system will be weak as  well and more that 50% people in Indian are vegetarian they don't get enough protein because animal based food has more protein likes! Chicken, Eggs, Fish etc all are lean protein source.
Beans, lentils, Paneer protein but pretty low but they are not primary source because they same amount of carbs or more.
Then what to do if you are vegetarian protein deficiency and can't eat animal food then what to do?

Then, Yes! you have to get protein supplement. If you are active then get protein protein supplement.
If you want a perfect physique then you need all the important nutrients everyday.
But that's impossible to get them through diet. You can consume all the nutrients in 5-6 meals. Then deficiency you have to add supplement there.
If you really have set a goal. If you set  a physical or fitness goal, then you have eat every single nutrients to reach that goal which you have set. You have to supplement it with the food.
How much---- 10 to 20%
You can replace food with supplements. They don't understand that its ad- on.
If you are not eating eggs, chicken, fish, cottage, cheese, yogurt etc not consuming through food and just using whey protein supplement then its not gonna work guys.
You have to supplement it with food for 20%. Your diet to 80 to 90% for the body transformation then 10-20% game is on the supplements like performance supplements where you can do good workout for which you re-cover better nothing else!!
So you can't replace diet with supplements nobody do this in the world. Your diet should be then add supplement.
So my main today's topic was Steroid vs Supplements and now you know that they are not same!!!
I hope you got the information 
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