4 Warm ups calm down of mind & relieve stress, quickly

Before stress relieve, we have to understand what is the main reason that causes anxiety. After that there are some methods given below which stress relieve.
Stress is part of our life everyone want to become stress free, but during survival there are more  tragedies we have to face which define our life and negatively impact as and our life which causes people doesn't Stress free. stress may of many types like, profession stress, future stress, study stress and could be also other stress due to any reasons. That's why , we talk about some tips so that, we might take relieve and makes stress free in futures days.
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In this routine filled with runaway, every person gets upset. Because of which they doesn't able to pay attention to their body and family, whether their family is left behind due to their runaway life or is there any bad effect on their health?
In today's time people are more concerned about work, which is also fine to some extent. Because if there is a source of work and income, people will be able to take care of themselves and their health. But it's not right to take so much concern about work. The bad effect of that worry began to fall on the brain. By doing this, there is a hormone production called Cortisol. Which is a stress hormone and it has a negative impact on your health and mental condition. There are some warm- ups (body stretching) and ways by which this hormone can be reduce, after which stress is relieved automatically.  

People give so much importance to work because they feel that only earning and money is everything but forget that money will come only when health is good. If people continue to give importance to money, then health will be bad, because the money can be met, the health cannot be bought. 
The desire to work more creates anxiety and this concern for health worsens. There is a reason. There are many ways by which anxiety can be reduced. Because the most effective way to reduce anxiety is what you like. If you like listening to songs, watching movies, sports, exercising or other things, then use only those methods to get rid of anxiety.
If you don't like a method, then no one should follow it, it does not prove beneficial. 
If exercising is more interested in health related things, then you can use these methods to reduce your anxiety and relieve from stress. 
Relaxation can also be done through entertainment, yoga and workout It helps in relieving anxiety. To get relieve from stress in both these ways, we will talk our blog today.


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Meditation is a very good way to become stress free. By doing just 5 minutes per day, all the previous day's or previous worries are removed. This method has been practiced since ancient times. Which originated first by the sages of India. ... In ancient times, Rishimuni used it, due to which he used to subdue his five senses. Because of which the seven cycles of the body became active. Which gives peace to the mind and answers to all the questions arising in mind it gets itself. One gets control of his mind and desires. Man overcomes negative influences and thoughts. Meditation has been starting from the ancient ages. It was started by the Rishimunis in India. Which in today's time is known as Yoga.
Method of doing - First of all sit in strate position on floor, bend your first knee and put your second knee on your first leg (squatting ). Sitting is in this position that your spine is at a 90 ° angle in a straight state. You have to touch the index finger of both your hands by the thumb and close your eyes and meditate peacefully, releasing the breath in and out while pronouncing the word ॐ. Initially doing so may cause trouble or boredom. But the meditation of only 10-15 gives you relieve from stress. If anyone has any disease, then it is also away from meditation. Meditation comes first in yoga, which gives relief in a very short time. (as shown in given image)

2.Stretching body

Stretching of the body is also very important. It is one of the basic exercises that people do before a workout, but you can also do it to get out of the stress ... This is done so that your body It can relieve laziness and activate muscles, which can be done with lite weight or also by natural methods. This keeps the flexibility and reduces the chance of injury. When writing is done, a signal goes to the human mind that to remain healthy. During doing this, all the worries are reduced and the focus becomes focused on the same work and doing this daily becomes the habit. If any work is done continuously for 21 days. Till it is done, it becomes a habit and both our body and mind start demanding, therefore it is said that good habit should be adopted and by doing this, the body demands and slowly Stress relieve due to following good habits that have taken place and it gets included in the daily routine, due to which the brain becomes busy in the same work through diverse, which makes the brain strong and stress free. Reducing stress is a good, easy way to get rid of stress quickly. Along with getting rid of stress, lifestyle also remains healthy.

3.Give someone a hug or a kiss

The throat is known to release oxytocin, a hormone that can lead to relaxation, trust, and compassion. Kissing, on the other hand, helps the brain to release endorphins.
Laura Burman, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and OB-GYN at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, says "kissing relieves the feeling of jointness, which releases endorphins, the chemical response to stress and depression, that create stress".

4.Drink and eat.

This does not mean that you should chew down on a double-bacon cheeseburger and wash it down with some beer. Many people already get unwell to eat and drink, so it can be a sensible choice to determine ahead of time and in a quiet moment what you will eat or drink for your next stress-relieving episode. . Instead of something destructive, snacks on foods such as chocolate, because snack foods can release beta endorphins.
Also sip on some green tea, which contains the amino acid L-theinine, and has been linked to stress and anxiety.

5.Pet an animal.

It has been found that petting animals can increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, which are neurotransmitters with calming properties.

6.Mix methods to relieve stress

There are many types of worries in life and it is also natural to have happiness and sorrow. It is impossible to remain anxious without reducing it completely. Whenever you are anxious while living life, that anxiety can happen in any way - work anxiety, study anxiety, family anxiety or relationship anxiety. There are four types of stops in life and similar worries remain with the same age. For example, in student life, the worry of studies, family after marriage, relationship and future of children remain. Do what you like when the such as status is created. Because a person is unhappy only when they acts what others say and goes against our wishes.
Every person has a choice. Work should be done according to the choice only then the worries will be removed. If you like singing, you like to do gym, talk to a life partner or anything else that makes you happy, then do it. Only then the mind will be happy from inside. Being happy in the heart makes you worry free.

Why person restless in their life even after having everything, why don't relieve stress?  

The reason is that people show themselves different in the eyes of others. In reality, despite not being inhabited, they try to make themselves look bigger than people and keep doing something that makes people look different. But in reality they are not what they try to look like. Because of which the appearances, by the partiality, show the thing they want for some time but not for long and they do their own damage. Having it makes you more anxious in the future.
People who hide their reality from others are more worried because their reality cannot be hidden for long. Therefore, present yourself with gratitude in front of such people as you are. Only then you will be able to relieve stress.

Why is a human being so sad even after everything? 

Why he is not able to breathe peace even for a moment because today human desires have increased so much that they desires every new thing and every moment wants new facility.Every moment wants to make himself appear bigger than others. But does he not know that even Ravana's wish could not be fulfilled but he had all the powers. So why do we believe that all our wishes are fulfilled, why do we not want all our needs to be fulfilled and live life in a pleasant way. So we are sad with others, we have everything but it seems less.
Friends, if you have got this life, then live it happily with your needs and not with your wishes.
Everybody will be able to relieve themselves and others by reducing stress.

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